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Every year… I try my best to go with God’s desire for me in finding ONE word for me…

To FOCUS this year, drawing closer to God, His desire for what to accomplish...

To FOCUS this year, drawing closer to God, His desire for what to accomplish…

Explanations And Understanding


Been here… sorry I have no explanations or understanding either; because without words to explain, what have we? We have each other, because I’ve come to the understanding that only we that deal with such mental illnesses can understand each other! Hugs, HL

Originally posted on A Canvas Of The Minds:

RubyI have stuck my feet back into the vast ocean of blogging.  All the way up to the ankles, though the waves seem to be hitting mid-calf more and more.

When I announced my blogging hiatus, I made it complete.  I had already begun a bit on a hiatus from all personal social media.  At least that’s what I intended it to be.  In fact, I’ve decided not to reactivate my fb account, not even a little.  I’m both happier and healthier without it.

But that leaves me with a massive dilemma, bigger in every way than the one I recently wrote about.

You see, it wasn’t just the social media I dropped out of, I dropped out of sight and from the lives of a number of friends I had gotten to know that way.  Actually, I dropped out of sight of pretty much all of my…

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So… as I’m sure you can see – I’ve failed at keeping up with the NaPoWriMo: Daily postings of Poetry throughout April :(
Unfortunately I overestimated my ability to finish something again… I have good intentions when I begin, but then life seems to TAKE over = I caught some NASTY stomach bug which had me down for quite some time, before that I’d dealt with migraines and dental work. So… once I overcome today’s persistent ain (migraine, neck pain… ) I’ll be back to share links for the NaPoWriMo daily posts that I liked from others!

Until then… I bid you all well & good, Prayers & Hugs, HL

Day 5

Challenge this Fifth Day
is to write a cinquain!!


you Cry Tonight

Because we’re Far Apart

Should be Here Happily The

With Me

HL Logo2

Originally written 6-14-1983
From much longer poem

Jaundiced Outlook

Jaundiced Outlook

Not long ago born,
having know idea what is going on
Looking through the glass,
seeing the sunny grass
Sitting in just a diaper,
Feeling the warmth & getting hyper
Swinging front to back,
Giggling to the rhythm snack
The yellow jaundice finally fading,
No more need for the sunny cascading

Although the more I grow,

I’ve learned we need the sun – more then we’ll ever know!

Another Day

Third Prompt for NaPoWriMo 2013
Write a Sea Shanty… well I just couldn’t do it, so I wrote about my days…

Another Day

A Trip around Town
Appointments all Around

Cars speedily rushing
To Late to realize the crushing

We continue to make Plans
When we should be Folding our Hands

To oft the World to Please
Now Praying on our Knees

For Those speedily Rushing & Crushing

Thankful to Safely make it Home
Playing on Google Chrome


HL 4/3/13


To leave the legacy behind
which shows of
loving, caring, and joyful kind
depressed, hurt, and selfish kind?

Working hard, giving my all, to the bone
Lazily, hiding away, continuing to groan

Caring for our home, vivaciously
Neglectfully letting it go, tenaciously

Joyfully going about each day
sharing of kindness
teaching love
Miserably climbing back in bed
keeping to myself
guarding the thoughts at bay

Reading/Sharing of God’s Word
Reading/Sharing the World

Carefully watching my actions
Destructively reacting

Singing/Worshiping with Love
Whimpering/Diving like a shove

Which is TRUE?

Or Could it be…
there are two-sides of me?!?

Second Prompt for NaPoWriMo 2013
Now it’s your turn… share your poem link with me in the comments section below
& NaPoWriMo (by clicking on the pic above)!!

HL 4/2/2013


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