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I AM… Lesson 3

Lesson Three

I AM – So You Don’t Have To Be
Blog Bible Study Lesson Three

‘When Life Doesn’t Work Out Like You Planned’
Part 1

Discussion Questions:

1. It was stated in the Lesson that God has made you “once, twice, three times a lady.” Where are you in this progression? Obviously we have all been physically born, but are you ‘twice a lady’? Have you been born again spiritually? This may be a private matter you’d like to discuss confidentially. If so, email me.
If you have already received this gift, write a brief prayer of thanksgiving or testimony.
Quote: God has made you in the words of Lionel Richie (can I quote him in a Bible Study?:)) once, twice, three times a Lady. (Can’t you just hear him singing it or am I totally dating myself?) Here are the three ways: He has placed you just in time, has saved you by His lovingkindness, and either has given or will give you a desire from the ‘lower deep of your nature’ to accomplish what He intends in your life.”
YES!!! Heavenly Father, thank you for choosing me. Showing me that people will disappoint me, and helping me to understand that life is not fair, but you are fair. I am blessed to know that even though I strayed for a while in my teens and late 20’s; You Father were still with me, and I thank You for the protection you gave. And I praise You even for the eye opening experiences that I had to endure to bring me back to you. I look forward to our continued journey and me learning more. In Jesus’ name, amen.
2. Are you three times a lady? Has God given you a stirring deep within your Spirit to be a ‘deliverer’? Do you have a desire or are you already meeting a need in the life of the church, a particular ministry (such as jail ministry, food ministry, etc.) or perhaps individuals who share common issues?
I believe I am in between being ‘three times a lady.’ As I know some of my gifts, but not totally sure yet what He intends for me to accomplish. I understand and love that I am a wife, Mom, daughter, care-giver… but maybe there is something more? Prayer and time…will only tell.
I share my own experiences with other’s whom are going through the same. I give of myself when needed if I can, and usually I make sure that I can. The gifts I’ve been blessed with (word processing work, PowerPoint, etc) I love using to share with others. I help teach Mission Friends and voluntarily assist the Children’s Pastor.
3. Do you ever get tired of waiting for that opportunity to do something
worthwhile for God? Do you ever feel God is using someone else instead of you?
Sure sometimes. But I have also learned that my timing is not always His.
4. What do you consider ‘worthwhile ministry’? Are you like me and sometimes find yourself mistakenly thinking it has to be Big to be Important?
I guess you would say that I’m like you, as I try to go above and beyond to help others; which sometimes is not healthy, because I use up all my energy and then am no good to my family. Depression comes – but I’m working through that, and each day is rising better! But yes, I have in the past considered major things that are big to be important. In the past I took on a family of six children, babysitting and transporting because the parents were hardly ever home, always working. That was big… way to much for me to handle my senior year of high school. And I look sometimes and say, “How can doing this flyer, newsletter, PowerPoint, etc be a worthy help?” But I realize as I grow closer to God, that sometimes, that is why I am right where He placed me to do that type of thing on the computer and help that way!

5. Have you ever taken a spiritual gifts test? If yes, what are yours? If no, here’s a good one from
Ephesians 4 Ministry. Will you take it and come back with a response? Knowing some of you like I already do, I can almost pick out what your gift is before you say it. I can’t wait to see if I’m right!

Your dominant gifts are Pastor/Shepherd, Showing Mercy

The results of your Spiritual Gifts Inventory indicate that your number one dominant gift is PASTORING/SHEPHERDING! The Greek word “poimen” means pastor. In Paul’s spiritual gifts listing in Ephesians 4:11, this term is translated “pastor.” Although the word “poimen” is translated pastor only one time in Scripture it is used sixteen additional times. The remaining sixteen are all translated “shepherd.” Therefore, we are actually discussing the GIFT of shepherding, not the POSITION of pastor. Though a good pastor must have the gift of shepherding, everyone who has the gift of shepherding is not called to be pastor. The gift can be used in many positions in a church.
As a gifted shepherd, you have the Spirit-given capacity and desire to serve God by overseeing, training, and caring for the needs of a group of Christians. You are usually very patient, people-centered, and willing to spend time in prayer for others. You tend to be a “Jack of All and Master of ONE,” meaning you are usually dominant in one of the speaking gifts (evangelist, prophet, teacher, exhorter) as well. You are often authoritative, more a leader than a follower, and expressive, composed, and sensitive. Your pleasing personality draws people to you.

You have a burden to see others learn and grow and are protective of those under your care. You want to present the whole Word of God and do not like to present the same materials more than once. (I can’t totally agree with this – as I usually do read things several times and do studies more then once.) You are willing to study what is necessary to feed your group and are more relationship oriented than task oriented. You are a peace-maker and diplomat – very tolerant of people’s weaknesses. You tend to remember people’s names and faces. (Really?? LOL; I feel that most of the time I have a hard time remembering names – but this can’t be exact all the time.) You are more concerned with doing for others than others doing for you. You are faithful and devoted and may become a workaholic. You can become an all-purpose person in order to meet needs.

People with the gift of shepherding make the best Sunday school teachers and group leaders because their desire is to go beyond just teaching or leading, to shepherd and minister to the daily needs of their students. The position of Sunday school teacher or group leader is an extension of the pastoral ministry in the church. These groups should be shepherded on a small scale the same as the pastor shepherds the whole congregation on a large scale.

Be careful to involve other people; don’t try to do it all yourself. Work on making people accountable. Do not be overly protective of your “flock.” Because of these potentially weak areas, other people may think it is your job to do all the work; they rely too heavily on you. You may be expected to be available at all times, know all the answers, and be at every function. Learn when to say no.

Beware of Satan’s attack on your gift. He will cause discouragement when the load gets heavy, and pride because your “sheep” look up to you. You may develop family problems because of too little time and attention. You may become selfish when “sheep” feed in other pastures.

HOW CAN YOU USE YOUR GIFT? This gift is a great help in many areas. You may serve as a Sunday school teacher, small group leader, pastor or assistant pastor, bus captain, special ministry leader (such as youth, children, men, etc.), nursery worker or as a half-way house or other type shelter volunteer. You may consider serving as a dormitory leader in a college, orphanage, children’s home, etc. Scout troops would appreciate your assistance as a den leader.

I look forward to continuing through this study and greatly appreciate Lisa for sharing this study openly. If you’d like to join us in the study, click on the icon at the top of the page or in my sidebar.

Additionally wanted to note that I pray I can retain all of this information and especially the analogy of: I, me, was placed just in time to have an impact on this earth through ‘unrecurring incidents’ of obedience, just like Moses. How extraordinary to think of myself in such a way. Also we all could use this reminder: “It took Moses 80 long years to be ready for the buring bush. This may serve to tell us that we have some waiting to do!”

God Bless Everyone, HL

4 Responses

  1. Thank you for commenting on my blog. I look forward to reading through your responses to the discussion questions. This is such a wonderful study.

    I’d love to know where you got the player on the right sidebar with the music in it. Would you mind telling me where you got that?

    Take care,

  2. I appreciate your words that you spoke:

    “Additionally wanted to note that I pray I can retain all of this information and especially the analogy of: I, me, was placed just in time to have an impact on this earth through ‘unrecurring incidents’ of obedience, just like Moses. How extraordinary to think of myself in such a way. Also we all could use this reminder: “It took Moses 80 long years to be ready for the buring bush. This may serve to tell us that we have some waiting to do!” “

    My desire is that I will take in what God is showing me and retain it as well. I want to put into practice what God wants me to put into practice. It’s easy to read a lesson – think “Wow that was good.” – and then leave it at that. May we all allow God to work in our lives and show us how to apply what He wants us to apply from this study.

  3. Karen… I will also post on your blog, as I do not know if you’ll get notification from my comment here — but I copied the code for the music player on my sidebar at: http://www.projectplaylist.com/! When you get to that site: click on the blue window (second one down if I’m remembering correctly) that says something like “share music on myspace… etc.)! I look forward to hearing the music you pick!

    I too pray we ALL can retain this study.

    Have a blessed day, HL

  4. Hi Heather! I’m going to pull out the same quote from you Karen did…This whole concept of the intentionality with which God placed us on earth has been mind-blowing for me. Like you, I more than anything want to accomplish everything God ever dreamed for me to do!

    As for the study, nothing is changing for you…The Group One study will continue on the alternating week from Group Two..Is that clear as mud? :))

    thank you so much for being in this study and your insights…it’s great getting to know you! ;))


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