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Remembering 9/11



I can’t believe it was six years ago when we had the horrifying experience on 9/11. Do you remember where you were? How you felt? What you did as soon as you heard the news? What you did in the days/months/years to come? How did this event change your life?

 May we never forget the lives that were taken this day & always remember the devotion of the workers who diligently tried to save and lost their lives as well. I remember, I was driving down the beltway taking my two month old son to visit my mother as we did every Tuesday of the week. I had just dropped my first grader off at school about 15 minutes before. I heard on the radio of the tragedy; and thought to myself, “this can’t be real, it’s an awful joke.” Then I began to pray as I saw everyone around me driving with shocking looks on their faces; horrified and scared I tried to call my mother & my husband and could not get a hold of anyone. All circuits were busy. I didn’t know what to do; should I return to my son in school? should I keep driving and get to my mother? Oh how I wished I could split in half and do both. Finally my cell phone rang and it was my husband. He said – before the news even spoke, something just happened at the Pentagon; as he was on the beltway near it. In so much joy of hearing my husband’s voice, knowing that he was currently okay – I begged him to come home immediately, to get our son out of school and meet me at my mothers house. He agreed that is what he would do.

 When I arrived at my mother’s house she was just getting up for the day. I ran into the house, actually scaring her, telling her we need to turn on the TV – it’s got to be on every channel. She couldn’t believe how frantic I was. Standing there watching, trying to think of, is there anyone in those buildings that we know? That really doesn’t matter – I can’t believe all those people, the loss, the children in there; my heart pounded. The only little peace I could find was to pray for protection, for strength for the families dealing with losses. My half sister finally called my cell & I asked her to meet me at my mother’s house as well. My husband arrived about the same time as my sister – I was so happy to be surrounded by my family & could only cry for those that could not be together.

 This event woke my family and I up — to the realization that the end times are coming. It’s heartbreaking to realize it took such a horrific event to wake up so many people – including myself. We have to be in God’s Word, and close to Him. This is when I feel I completely got it – being a Christian is not just about saying you believe; but also about having a relationship with Him – the One that matters the most. I could no longer “hide” behind the busyness of my life, I had to take the time and make sure I was spending precious moments in prayer, and reading His Word. I started attending church more & now I really do not like to miss a Sunday at all. I feel it’s my place to learn more & boy do I have a lot to learn… always will. I love building this relationship with God, learning new things, becoming what He is shaping me to be. I still need to work on be more like clay so that He can work in me as He will; giving all of me, everything I deal with, to Him; and to stop being so dependant. Understanding that He wants to help me & Yes He accepts me!

 Dear Father in Heaven,
I am so moved by the realization of how many children, babies to adults, have lost their parents for one reason or another. I pray Father for them to recieve a comfort, peace, love, and presence that only You can provide them. I pray that You will fill the void they have in their hearts and home. Father, use me to reach those in need and for those I cannot I pray that someone will go show them that they will be complete; in Your presence that You are all they need. Please heal their hearts and let them know that they are precious. May Your blessings abound as they look to You, our Father and Maker! I pray Father that You give us all the strength to make it through another day as You want us to. I look forward to building our relationship even closer than it has been. I praise You Father for Your protection and comfort for those in need. In Jesus’ name I pray, amen.

Be Blessed, HL


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