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TrinnyLeslie – Update

Please excuse the lateness/delay in posting updated information as I've been
sick and feeling down - - - then finally getting better, to join the race of
catching up. Although I sit and feel like I will never catch up - but I know 
with His strength and being persistant; it'll all turn out in the end.
Thank you all for your understanding and continued prayers.

— 10/05/07 —

Support is Important; Especially From Your Family & Friends

“Yesterday was a real bad day for me, I was going through my ailments of my diseases. I saw my family husband and 2 sons falling apart in front of me. It got to the point that I broke down and cred, with that my husband stop what he was doing, and kneel at the side of our bed. I told him that I am working hard on fighting my diseases and needed their strength and support. If everyone is not on the same line in winning this battle, I will not survive.

This weekend our family is going to over to have a meeting on dealing with everything and come up with a better plan to save our family. Without my family and friends support I do not think I can fight this on my own.”

 Leslie, Alex, Jerome, Daniel, and Benjamin are strong… they will make a plan and fight together, with God’s strength, courage, and peace to walk this journey. Thank you all for your continued prayers – more updates to come when I receive more information.

— 10/03/07 —

God is Good 

“Today my family came over and it was the most uplifting, spiritual day I had; they cooked, prayed and sang. I felt a weight on my chest come off and refresh.

Today I claim my healing from the lord, I’m no longer going to feel like giving up, despair during my pains and suffering. The Lord is working on healing me through faith, family, friends, doctors, medicine and many more. I have seen my blessings coming, today my pulmonary doctor called and said that my results came back normal (Thank God).

I have so much to do on this earth with your help and everyone else, I can share the message and help other’s in need. I started applying some of things my aunt told me to do with Benjamin, you know that he have been having problems since he’s out of school. So I wanted him to go sleep early because he have been up since 6:30 am, and yet he was fighting me not to go to sleep. I said to him that the Lord want him to rest, while listening to some Gospel music, he kept saying no to me, then after I took off the television. He finally settle down and fell asleep in 10 minutes. It’s 8:13 pm and he is still sleeping, now I am relaxing and at some peace. God is great. I thank God sending you in my life to lift me up and will always.

Tomorrow is my doctor’s appointment with the primary care physician and still will celebrate because I am on the road to healing. No tears, no pity, just celebration of life and living. Although I am only human going through pains, getting use to my new life will take some time. I guess you can say I am going through a transition in my life to get ready to do great things.”  

— 10/02/07 —

Leslie’s Visit to the Pulmonary doctor

“Yesterday my mother-in-law came and picked me up so we can go to the pulmonary doctor for the results. He told both of us his diagnosis of Dypsnea, his interperatations is mild restrictive lung disease, with that being said he wanted me to do a CT-Scan on my chest without contrast. Then in a week he will call and give me the results, and still do the sleep study test on October 26th 2007. So my mother-in-law told him to write a script up and she will take me to her hospital to do CT-Scan. We went over after wards and the hospital did the test and x-rays to take with me. Afterwards my mother-in-law bought lunch and brought Ben (my youngest son) and myself home.

Also the pulmonary doctor said that I will have to prop my pillows up, like in a L-shape to sleep at nights. I am still feeling sick more and more each day, I have been waking up coughing and feverish. So today I call my Rheumatologist to ask him what can I take for the fever, and he told me Tylenol 2 tabs a day.

Upside story is that I call Access-a-Ride to find out the status of my application, for me to have car services to take me to and from my appointents. The person said although it’s still pending, I can use the services for now. So I called and schedule a pick up and drop off for my appointment on Thursday 4th Oct 2007 at my primary care physician.”

— 9/29/07 —
Leslie’s youngest son has autism… and following is a note from her:

I See the Light in my Son’s Eyes

“Since I have been going through crisis one after the next, I started paying more and more attention to my son Benjamin. It’s just that when it takes something like my health condition to slow me down, you start noticing things. My son is getting better, he is speaking more, looking into my eyes and smiling. He is becoming independent, doing things on his own (brushing teeth, trying to dress on his own and cleaning up). To hear words coming out [of] my son more everyday, it gives me courage and peace, knowing he’ll be alright. Nothing like autism will keep down, he’s going to beat this with our help. I see my son’s light in his eyes and I know he’s okay.”


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