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Our Journey – Week 1


January Reading


January 1

Genesis 1-2; Psalm 104, 33, 29

January 2

Ps 92; John 1:1-2; Prov 8:22-31; Gen 3-5

January 3

Genesis 6-11; Job 1-5

January 4

Job 6-9

January 5

Job 10-13

January 6

Prayer  /  Reflection  /  Journal &
Bible Reading Catch Up

This weeks reading begins our new year with greatness, amazing art, and humility of a servant. Thank our heavenly Father for His guidance and Word daily.
    Take yourself in your mind to the beginning, His creation – what wondrous art He filled the world with. Just think of each hill, water body, animal, human, etc. He brought into formation. The beauty He surrounded us all with. I am filled with joy just knowing He thought of each detail that gives us the capabilities to think, see, touch, hear… and so much more!

Reading through each day I prayed for God to share with me what it is that He wants me to REALLY get (understand), use in my own life, and/or share with others.
    One note I made is – Naamah is mentioned as the sister of Tubal-cain in Gen. 4:22. She is the next woman to be mentioned after Eve in the Bible. She is the daughter of Lamech and Zillah. What is the significance of Naamah being mentioned?I cannot personally find any other information on her. There is another (I think) “Naamah” mentioned in 1 Kings 14:21, 31 as the daughter of the king of Ammon – so I do think the one mentioned in Genesis is different from this mentioning.
    Second: Abel was the 1st human to obey God as He wanted!
    Third: Enoch lived 365 years and “God took Enoch away,” stated in Gen. 5:24.
    Fourth: Did you note the reference and meaning of what a rainbow represents? In Genesis 9:13-16 God is sharing with Noah and his son’s that the “rainbow in the clouds will be the sign of the covenant between Him and the earth… Never again will the waters become a flood to destroy all life.” What do you personally think of when you see a rainbow?

Upon seeing a rainbow I think of joy, comfort, and God’s presence in “cleaning up” the world. I think of beauty in all the color’s available for the eye to see! Do you have a feeling of peace or comfort when seeing a rainbow?

    Fifth: Job 1:7 & 2:2 God states to Satan, “Where have you come from?” WHY? We know that God is omnipotent and knows all things, so why do you think He asks this question of Satan? I’ve prayed and pondered these verses… Is it to make satan admit where he has been? Be accountable for where he has been, and/or what he has done? Admit who he was? A lot of information concerning this part of Scripture reflects back to accountability. 
    Sixth: In Job 1:22 it is shared, “In all this, Job did not sin by charging God with wrongdoing.” Over and over Job questions and praises God in each tribulation. How humble and amazing the strength and faith God can fill one man with!!

I look forward to your thoughts and prayers throughout this journey… You can see the entire month of readings here, next week we discuss:

January 7 Job 14-16  
January 8 Job 17-20  
January 9 Job 21-23  
January 10 Job 24-28  
January 11 Job 29-31  
January 12 Job 32-34  
January 13 Prayer  /  Reflection  /  Journal &
Bible Reading Catch Up

God Bless, HL

Edited after reading through Inner Fulfillment! Please take the moment to check out Annagail Lynes post regarding our focus (The Focal Point)- it’s relevant to this weeks and next weeks readings!


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  1. […] Bible purchased at GospelDirect.com supports BibleGateway.com …http://bible.gospelcom.net/bible?Our Journey – Week 1Our Journey – Week 1 Posted on January 6, 2008 by hljourney Date January Reading b January 1 Genesis […]

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