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Our Journey – Week 4

Our Journey began here!
Please join us reading through the Bible chronologically this year! You can join at any time and catch up when you get the chance (even next year if needed).
May God Bless you as you walk and build your relationship closer with Him!
Week 4 


January Reading b
January 21 Genesis 30-34  
January 22 Genesis 35-37  
January 23 Genesis 38-40  
January 24 Genesis 41-42  
January 25 Genesis 43-46  
January 26 Genesis 47-50  
January 27 Prayer  /  Reflection  /  Journal &
Bible Reading Catch Up

This week we read all about Jacob and his family. My notes in the Life Application NIV Bible state:, “Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob are among the most significant people in the Old Testament. It is important to realize that this significance is not based upon their personal characters, but upon the character of God. They were all men who earned the grudging respect and even fear of their peers; they were wealthy and powerful, and yet each was capable of lying, deceit, and selfishness. They were not the perfect heroes we might have expected; instead, they were just like us, trying to please God, but often falling short.” Realize – God uses everyday people – people like you and me!

In Genesis 32:6 Jacob was persisten in getting his blessing by wrestling all night. Life Application NIV notes: “God encourages persistence in all areas of our lives, including the spiritual. Where in your spiritual life do you need more persistence? Strong character develops as you struggle through conditions.”
        I’ve been persistent in making sure that I read the Bible daily, but that doesn’t mean much unless you apply it to everyday life. I try my best… but sometimes I feel that He wants me to try harder. My prayer is – for His strength and wisdom to apply the Bible to my daily walk; and make my desires – His desires, not the desires of my flesh.

As I read through Genesis 33, I wondered why Jacob told Esau that he would meet him in Seir, but stopped and stayed in Succoth? The Life Application NIV also noted this question, stating: “We don’t know the answer, but perhaps Jacob decided to stop there as they journeyed because Succoth is a beautiful site on the eastern side of the Jordan River. Whatever the reason, Jacob and Esau parted in peace. Then they lived fairly close to each other until after their father’s death (36:6-8).” More information regarding Succoth: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sukkot. Succoth = booths.

Genesis 34
Dinah was violated by Shechem son of Hamor because he was overcome by “love at first sight,” but his actions were impulsive and evil. Dinah’s brothers were filled with grief and fury, and not thinking clearnly, they acted impulsive as well. “Their desire for justice was right, but their ways of achieving it were wrong.” Simeon and Levi brought trouble upon Jacob for their lies, stealing, and murder to the Canaanites and Perizzites.
        We need to depend, have trust in, have faith in God completely that He will bring the justice needed to anyone that harms someone else, and not take matters into our own hands. Pray for discernment, wisdom, counsel in how to handle situations that rise up around you.

Genesis 37
Joseph is sold into Slavery.
“Through Joseph, we learn how suffering, no matter how unfair, develops strong character and deep wisdom.” What were Joseph’s character traits?

In v. 21 Reuben rescues Joseph from death by telling his brothers not to kill him. But then in v. 29, 30 when he returns to get Joseph , Joseph was gone. Unfortunately Reuben’s first response was only thinking of himself, not of where Joseph was or what would become of Joseph. “Consider the person most affected by the problem, and you will be more likely to find a solution for it.”
        I asked myself this many times this week in different situations of who was most affected by “it” and found answers to each situation to protect that person. The answer may not be easy to fulfill, but it is our responsibility to protect thoughs that cannot protect themselves.

Genesis 49
Jacob Blesses His Sons Before His Death
Each son is blessed and given a prediction about their future regarding the way they’d lived. “Our past affects our present and future. By sunrise tomorrow, our actions of today will have become part of the past. Yet they will already have begun to shape the future. What actions can you choose or avoid that will positively shape your future?
        v. 4 – Reuben lost his special favor because he was a dishonorable son. 
        v. 8-12 Even though Judah had sold Joseph into slavery and tried to defraud his daughter-in-law he was still praised in his blessing. “This may have been due to Judah’s dramatic change of character (44:33, 34). Judah’s line would produce the promised Messiah, Jesus.”
        v. 18 – We need to remember to thank God for what you are and have so your trust does not become misplaced.

Genesis 50
This chapter shares the mourning, funeral process of Jacob and then death of Joseph. I notes the days it took for embalming = 40 days; and the Egyptians mourned for Jacob 70 days. What struck me was why it took so long for the embalming process.

Matthew Henry’s Concise Commentary
        Joseph ordered the body to be embalmed, or wrapped in spices, to preserve it. See how vile our bodies are, when the soul has forsaken them; they will in a very little time become noisome, and offensive.

embalming to 70 days
        = 30 days for it to dry up all its superfluous and noxious moisture
        = remaining 40 days for anointing it with gums and spices to preserve it.

‘To embalm’ means to put special substances on a dead body and in it. These substances keep the body in a good state. A dead body that people have embalmed is called a ‘mummy’. It lasts for very many years. The Egyptians used to embalm the bodies of important people who had died.

I hope you enjoyed this journey this past week… I look forward to your comments.
God Bless, HL


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