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Our Journey – Week 10

Our JourneyCome join us to read through the Bible Chronologically – this six day plan gives you Sunday off so that you can have a devoted prayer time to reflect and journal on what you’ve read throughout the week! And if needed – a day to catch up on any readings you may have missed. Please know that you can begin with the 1st of the year or at any time you please (and then catch up when you’re able to – maybe even next year)! May God Bless you as you walk and build your relationship closer with Him!  

 Week 10

Date March Reading b
March 3 Numbers 23-25  
March 4 Numbers 26-27  
March 5 Numbers 31-33  
March 6 Numbers 34-36  
March 7 Deuteronomy 1-2  
March 8 Deuteronomy 3-4  
March 9 Prayer  /  Reflection  /  Journal & Bible Reading Catch Up

     The end of Numbers shares the preparation for the new generation to enter into the promised land! The notes in The Living Application NIV Bible shares with us: Now the old generation has died and a new generation stands poised at the border, ready to enter the promised land. Neighboring nations, however, cause Israel to begin worshiping other gods. Without Moses’ quick action, the nation may never have entered Canaan. We must never let down our guard in resisting sin! (emphasis mine)

We learn of Balaam in Numbers 22 – 24, whom was a sorcerer.  He was a greedy person whom was willing to obey God’s command as long as he could profit from doing so. You can read more regarding Balaam here from Wikipedia! We can learn from Balaam’s story that it doesn’t pay to “wear a mask” to cover-up who you truly are, because no matter what, somehow who and what we are will come to the surface. One Year Bible Blog shares more regarding Numbers 24 and Balaam. We can avoid Balaam’s mistake by looking past the allure of fame or fortune to the long-range benefits of following God. Numbers 23:19-20 share part of Balaam’s eye opening Blessing unto the Israelites:

God is not a man, that He should lie,
      nor a son of man, that He should change His mind.
Does He speak and then not act?
      Does He promise and not fulfill?
I have received a command to bless; 
      He has blessed, and I cannot change it.

Numbers 27 shares that Joshua is to Succeed Moses – as Moses will not go onto the promised land because he and Aaron disobeyed God (see v. 12-23). 27:14 refers back to 20:12.   

Jumping ahead to Numbers 30, Moses shares the importance of vows!

When a man makes a vow to the LORD or takes an oath to obligate himself by a pledge, he must not break his word but must do everything he said.

Numbers 30:2

30:1,2 Moses reminded the poeple that their promises to God and others must be kept. In acient times, people did not sign written contracts. A person’s word was as binding as a signature. To make a vw even more binding, an offering was given along with it. No one was forced by law to make a vow; but once made, vows had to be fulfilled. Breaking a vow meant a broken trust and a broken relationship. Trust is till the basis of our relationships with God and others. A broken promise today is just as harmful as it was in Moses’ day. 
 To often today people don’t think before they speak or act upon something. Try your best to ask yourself before any situation, “Is this going to please God?”

30:3-8 Under Israelite law, parents could overrule their children’s vows. This helped young people avoid the consequences of making foolish promises or costly commitments. From this law comes an important principle for both parents and children. Young people still living at home should seek their parents’ help when they make decisions. A parent’s expereince could save a child from a serious mistake. Parents, however, should exercise their authority with caution and grace. They should let children learn from their mistakes while protecting them from disaster.

Throughout the end of Numbers the new generation is reminded of the old generations doings… and wanderings of 40 years. Pay special attention to Numbers 32 v. 20-24… “If… – if…, if… . if.” Do you see the commands that need to be followed – the action that needs to be taken to fulfill the promise?

Join me next time as I journey through Deuteronomy!

To my readers: Thank you for continuing to hang in there with me as I catch up on blogging through my readings… Please continue to keep myself, family, and friends in prayer… and praising God for His continued guidance on our journey through everyday! I hope to be completely caught up by next Sunday!
God Bless, HL

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