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My Walk Monday #3

 Each week Carolyn over at Scrapping Servant would like for us to share a post on a bit My Walk Mondayof your walk with the Savior.  It could be anything like what you learned that morning in devotions, what you are struggling with, a new worship song you learned, a prayer request,  a new Bible study you started, a praise report, you get the idea… anything that is a cause for growth in your relationship with the Lord. She will also post a question for us answer with hopes for each of us to get to know each other better! You can check for all of my postings for this subject here!

 Today my devotion time is spent in Matthew 27:22-26 
from my reading of Our Daily Bread devotion supplied by RBC.org. Read through today’s devotion

Just Jewelry?

and let me know your thoughts as well!

Do you wear a cross? What is it’s meaning to you? Come and take a walk with us… Click on the Map if you’d like more information on The Way of the Cross

The Roman soldiers took Jesus into their headquarters at the
Praetorium and mocked Him, dressing Him in a scarlet robe and
a crown of thorns. They then led Him to the crucifixion site 
outside the city. He was so weakened by His beatings that He
could not carry His cross, and a man from Cyrene was forced
to carry it to Golgotha.

Have you ever really thought about the word flogged? Jesus is flogged – Pilate had Him flogged and released Him over to be crucified. v. 26
     Flogging usually preceded capital punishment. In this case Pilate seems to have hoped that the crowd would consider it sufficient punishment. Flogging was with a whip of a number of leather strips weighted with pieces of lead or sharp metal. The victim was stripped to the waist, then bound to a post in a bent-over position and beaten on the bare back with the whip until the flesh was torn open. Sometimes death resulted.
                                                                                -Haley’s Bible Handbook p.611

This Easter has been a different journey for me – as I’ve looked at the event with completely different eyes. I’m tired of the “normal” traditions with easter baskets, eggs, candy & such – how does that teach our children what really happened? It is our responsibility, so I share this event in Matthew with my children; discuss the meaning behind the cross and Praise God for His loving kindness to sacrifice His only Son.

* The hardship Jesus went through for us…

* The love He shared…

* The pain He endured…

†  All for us. How amazing He is. 

 Week 3 Bonus Question: What Bible studies or books of the Bible are you currently going through?  And how do you feel about it/them?  

I am currently Walking my Journeythrough the Bible chronologically with a group of women from my church – as this week we are in Joshua. I’m a few days behind… finished up Deuteronomy – and look forward to catching up. I share this journey weekly here on my blog as well to keep me accountable. Deuteronomy has been interesting… although repetitive of what was in Numbers and Exodus… it is always good to remember what is important! As it is shared several different times we are to not forget God, and continue to share His glorious helps and mercy’s with our children and their children. Helping us to also know we are to share His Word with whomever we come across!

I am also working through “Walk as Jesus Walked,” a study by Ray Vander Laan. It’s been eye-opening to dig deep into the passion of Elijah; Paul’s journey to Rome; Paul’s choosing of a disciple, a mamzer, Timothy… This is so exciting!! I highly recommend this study!

In addition to these studies, on Thursday evenings I am also meeting with my leader and boys from our youth group to study the Bible on what it means to live a Christian life – as Jesus would want us to live! Last week we went over the viewing of Facing The Giants!Another movie I highly recommend, it’s an eye-opening, tear jerk-er (is that a word), really awesome movie! Our leader used several points and characters from this movie to help our youth (us all) realize different things:

* Rise to each occasion
* Believe that God can use you;

One quote from the movie I don’t ever want to forget:
    “Your actions will always follow your beliefs David.
If you accept defeat, that’s what you’ll get.”

* Praise Him, even through rough times 

“We honor God if we win, and we honor Him if we lose. We honor Him always.”

* Realize with Faith – you can go farther then you ever imagined – give your very best

The Death Crawl

This is amazing… faithful… don’t ever quit!

* Respect authority
* Depend on God to give you your desires
* Focus on Him alone… wanting nothing more than Him
* Ask yourself daily, at least weekly; “How have I made Jesus Lord of my life?”

God Bless, HL


4 Responses

  1. That was great. We had the leader of our movement use that movie at our State Conference and it was just great. The death crawl scene was particularly painful for me to watch, because I don’t have any stomach muscles, lol.
    You have a lot of Bible studies going. May the Lord bless you and I hope you are having a wonderful day. Thank you for coming to visit me ~smile~.

  2. Good to see you again sister. I loved the death crawl clip you shared! I could totally see God in our face on the floor with us cheering us on to the point we don’t even realize we are at, I love Him so much, did you see what happened in my household last monday?

  3. I am reading through the Bible chronologically, too. Not in a group, though, and I think that would be a great way to do it…
    I am currently in Dueteronomy and am loving it. Yes, there is repetition but I love to be reminded of God’s faithfulness and power!
    As to wearing the cross, I do, but not always. Actually I used to wear it every day but then my chain broke and I have only recently gotten a new one. So I am “used to” not putting a necklace on each morning…

  4. I hope all is okay… I missed hearing from you this week.

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