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Our Journey – Week 16

This past week we continue our journey through 1 Samuel & through some more of the Psalms!

Please take some time to share you’re thoughts in the comments section as well
– – –
let’s get a discussion going here!

Come join Our Journeyus to read through the Bible Chronologically – this six day plan gives you Sunday off so that you can have a devoted prayer time to reflect and journal on what you’ve read throughout the week! And if needed – a day to catch up on any readings you may have missed. Please know that you can begin with the 1st of the year or at any time you please (and then catch up when you’re able to – maybe even next year)! May God Bless you as you walk and build your relationship closer with Him!

Week 16

April 14 1 Samuel 19-20; Psalm 11, 59  
April 15 1 Samuel 21-24  
April 16 Psalm 7, 27, 31, 34, 52  
April 17 Psalm 56, 120, 140-142  
April 18 1 Samuel 25-27  
April 19 Psalm 17, 35, 54, 63  
April 20 Prayer  /  Reflection  /  Journal & Bible Reading Catch Up


We begin with Saul telling his son Jonathan and all the attendants to kill David all because Saul is jealous of all the attention David is getting and feels threatened by David’s annointing from the LORD. Jonathan disobeyed his father and warned David so that he could go into hiding.

The notes from Life Application NIV Study Bible share: 19:1, 2Is it ever right to disobey your father, as Jonathan did here? It is clearly a principle of Scripture that when a father instructs a son to break God’s laws, the son should obey God rather than man. This principle assumes that the son is old enough to be accountable and to see through any deception. A son’s role is to be respectfyl, helpful, and obedient to his father (Ephesians 6:1-3), but not to follow commands or advice that violate God’s laws. Seeing this here… children need to be careful – keep the note of “the son is old enough to be accountable and to see through any deception” in consideration here because we need to be sure to discern God’s voice, guidance, Word correctly before disobeying our parents.

Jonathan lets David know that it is not safe by completing the plan they devised regarding making that arrow go beyond where David was hiding. Jonathan could have killed David so that he himself could become the next king, but Jonathan allowed David to escape showing his love for both God and David.

Jonathan said to David, “Go in peace, for we have sworn friendship with each other in the name of the LORD, saying, ‘The LORD is witness between you and me, and between your descendants and my descendants forever,'” Then David left, and Jonathan went back to the town. 
                                                                 1 Samuel 20:42 

I found a sermon regarding 1 Samuel 21-22 from Cross Point Community Church which has two locations that you can choose from to check them out from different view points! You can locate this sermon by clicking here and choosing Plan B, then choose 3-30-08 Shattered Dreams. I have not yet listened to the other sermon’s available, but look forward to being able to in the future! Following you can see information regarding their Plan B study!

This sermon shared from Cross Point can help us to see that we’re not alone, everyone at some point in their life will go through a shattered dream, and that we shouldn’t run away – abandoning the principles og God in order to control the situation ourselves. Except that we are not the one’s in control – We need to lean on God!

David lies to Ahimelech the priest (see 1 Samuel 21:2) to protect himself from Saul. We need to remember that lying is wrong (Leviticus 19:11) and David’s lie is not condoned as it led to the death of 85 priests (see 1 Samuel 22:9-19). We need to realize that even though David’s lie seemed harmless it led to tragedy that David held on his shoulders for the remainder of his life (see 1 Samuel 22:22).

David hid in the desert strongholds and in the hills of the Desert of Ziph (See 1 Samuel 23:14). This reminds me of thoughs hiding in Cappadocia from our Study, Walk as Jesus Walked.

Samuel dies in 1 Samuel 25, where it is also shared of Abigail – wife of Nabal – who fed David’s 600 men after Nabal had refused. Abaigail had waited until Nabel was sober to tell him, thinking that would help him to not act foolishly. But when Nabal learns of Abigail’s doings his heart failed him and he became like stone (1 Samuel 25:37). We can learn that we need to discern the best time to discuss things with people – ask God for wisdom in any situation.

We see again in 1 Samuel 26 that David could have killed Saul. The notes from the Life Application NIV Study Bible share: 26:8ff The strongest moral decisions are the ones we make before temptation strikes . David was determined to follow God and this carried over into his decision not to murder God’s anointed king, Saul, even whn his men and the circumstances seemed to make it a feasible option. Who would you have been like in such a situation – David or David’s men? To be like David and follow God, we must realize that we can’t do wrong in order to execute justice. Even when our closest friends counsel us to do something that seems right, we must always put God’s commands first.

The Scripture:

As surely as I valued your life today, so may the LORD value my life and deliver me from all trouble.”
                                                                               1 Samuel 26:24 

makes me think of: Do unto other’s as you would have done to you.

And now… lets journal here regarding the Psalms read through!

Psalm 11 shows that God’s rule provides stability in the midst of panic and that He is always in control! Continuing to have faith in God allows us to resist fear and loose hope. We can use trials and tribulations as opportunities to grow closer with God.

Psalm 59 shows that we can still praise God even when we are under attack!

Psalm 7 is a prayer that shares David’s request for justice against those who make slanderous comments. Then notes share: 7:14-16 When allowed to run its course, evil destroys itself. Violent people become victims of violence, and liars become victims of others’ deceit (9:15, 16). In the process, however, innocent people are hurt. Sometimes God intervenes and stops evildoers in their tracks in order to protect His followers. At other times, for reasons known only to Him, God allows evil to continue even though innocent people are hurt. It is during these times that we must ask God to protect us. Remember that God will execute final justice, even if it is not during our lifetime.

And again – 7:17… sing priase to the name of the LORD Most High. Even through tribulations!

Psalm 27 shares that unwavering confidence in God is our antidote for fear and loneliness. We need to stand strong: Wait for the LORD: be strong and take heart and wait for the LORD. (Psalm 27:14)

Psalm 31 shares that we need to seek Him in times of stress, depending upon God requires complete commitent. Take refuge in Him, ask Him to free you from traps set around you, ask for strength through affliction – – – because He will preserve the faithful!

Psalm 34 was written when David pretended to be insane before Abimelech. The notes shared: 34:1ff God promises great blessings to His people, but many of these blessings require active participation. He will deliver us from fear (34:4), save us out of our troubles (34:6), guard and deliver us (34:7), show us goodness (34:8), supply our needs (34:9), listen when we talk to Him (34:15), and redeem us (34:22), but we must do our part. We can appropriate His blessings when we seek Him (34:4, 10), cry out to Him (34:6, 17), trust Him (34:8), fear Him (34:7, 9), refrain from lying (34:13), turn from evil, do good and seek peace (34:14), are humble (34:18), ans serve Him (34:22).

I take this moment to PRAISE our Father for this Scripture!!!

The LORD is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in sprit.
                                                    Psalm 34:18

Psalm 52 shares that we need to understand God will judge the evildoer. Our anger must not block our confidence in God’s ability to defeat evil. Make God your stronghold!

Psalm 56 shares that we can believe – when God is for us, those against us will never succeed.

Psalm 120 shares that all believers must live with the tension of being in the world but not belonging to it.

Psalm 140-142 share prayers for protection, help when facing temptation, and feeling overwhelmed.

Psalm 17, 35, 54, and 63 are prayers for justice in the face of false accusations and persecution; for help against those who try to harm for no reason; help in overcoming our enemies; and sharing the desire for God’s presence, provision, and protection. We need to focus only on the true goal in life – to know God, instead of worldly things that can pull us away from Him. No matter where we are, our desire should be for God because only He satisfies fully!

The notes for Psalm 35 share: This is one of the “imprecatory” (cursing) psalms that call upon God to deal with enemies. These psalms sound extremely harsh, but we must remember the following: (1) David could not understand why he was forced to flee from men who were unjustly seeking to kill him. He was God’s anointed king over a nation called to annihilate the evil people of the land. (2) David’s call for justice was sincere; it was not a cover for his own personal vengeance. He truly wanted to seek God’s prefect ideal for his nation. (3) David did not say the he would take revenge, but he gave the matter to God. These are merely his suggestions. (4) These psalms use hyperbole (or overstatement). They were meant to motivate others to take a strong stand against sin and evil.
     Cruelty may be far removed from some people’s experience, but it is a daily reality to others. God promises to help the persecuted and to bring judgement on unrepentant sinners. When we pray for justice to be done, we are praying as David did. When Christ returns, the wicked will be punished.

Join me for our next Our Journey post to continue on into 1 Samuel, Psalms, begin 2 Samuel and 1 Chronicles! I look forward to walking this journey with you… and reading through your comments. Have a blessed night, HL

Edited 4/21/08 8:57 AM (EST) due to wrong youtube video posted
previously - sorry for any confusion.

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