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Our Journey – Week 18

Our Journey continues
through 1 Chronicles, more Psalms,
and 2 Samuel this past week!

Forgive the lateness of this post... as I've been dealing with
a sick child most of the past week. I thank everyone for their
continued prayers for my youngest son whom caught Rotavirus.
He is still not doing that well - but at least he was
re-hydrated at the hospital (Friday - Saturday)
and then sent home!

 Come join Our Journeyus to read through the Bible Chronologically – this six day plan gives you Sunday off so that you can have a devoted prayer time to reflect and journal on what you’ve read throughout the week! And if needed – a day to catch up on any readings you may have missed. Please know that you can begin with the 1st of the year or at any time you please (and then catch up when you’re able to – maybe even next year)! May God Bless you as you walk and build your relationship closer with Him!


Week 18

  1. 1 Chronicles 1-9
  2. 1 Chronicles 10
  3. Psalm 73
  4. Psalm 77
  5. Psalm 88
  6. Psalm 93
  7. Psalm 102-103
  8. 2 Samuel 5:1-10

1 Chronicles 1-9: The Genealogies of Israel

We can learn a lot from our history. If you are a believer, these people are your ancestors. As you approach(ed) this part of God’s Word, read their names with awe and respect, and gain new security and identity in your relationship with God. These records serve to teach us about our spiritual heritage!

The notes from The Life Application NIV Study Bible share: This record of names demonstrates that God is interested not only in nations, but also in individuals. Although billions of people have lived since Adam, God knows and remembers the face and name of each person. Each of us is more than a name on a list; we are special persons whom God knows and loves. As we recognize and accept His love, we discover both our uniqueness as individuals and our solidarity with the rest of His family. 
      … one of their biggest fears was that the records of their heritage would be lost. …
     This list reconstructed the family tree for both Judah, the southern kingdom, and Israel, the northern kingdom, before their captivities and serves as proof for those who claimed to be Abraham’s descendants.

     Why are genealogies included in the Bible? The Hebrews passed on their beliefs through oral tradition. For many years in many places, writing was primitiveor nonexistent. Stories were told to children who passed them on to their children. Genealogies gave a skeletal outline that helped people remember the stories. For centuries these genealogies were added to and passed down from family to family. Even more important than preserving family tradition, genealogies were included to confirm the Bible’s promise that the coming Messiah, Jesus Christ, would be born into the line of Abraham.
     Genealogies point out that people are important to God as individuals. Therefore God refers to people by name, mentioning their life span and descendants. The next time you feel overwhelmed in a vast crowd, remember that the focus of God’s attention and love is on the individual – and on you! (Notes on Genesis 5:1ff)

After reading through the genealogy… I started thinking, “how many generations before Abraham?” Adam, Seth, Enosh, Kenan, Mahalalel, Jared, Enoch, Methuselah, Lamech, Noach, Shem, Arphaxad, Shelah, Eber, Peleg, Reu, Serug, Nahor, Terah, Abram

Each person writen before is the father of the next! Abram is the 19th generation of Adam… We need to understand that Sons can also mean descendants; thus a Biblicalgenealogy may skip several generations. These lists were not meant to be exhaustive, but to give adequate information about the various family lines. (Note: 1 Chronicles 1:5-9) Understanding this… Abram may not be the 19th generation of Adam.

We can learn so much from these people and others as referenced here in the beginning of 1 Chronicles!

Note and understand that the information in this genealogy about the descendants of Edom (1:43-54)shows us the ancestry of enemy nations; they were nota part of the direct lineage of King David. Also, they are listed for our understanding of how the Edomites came about: which is through Esau’s (Isaac’s oldest son) marriages to pagan women that the nation of Edom began.

10 Jabez Prayer

Jabez is remembered for a prayer request rather than a heroic act. In his prayer, hes asked God to (1) bless him, (2) help him in his work (“enlarge my territory”), (3) be with him in all he did, and (4) keep him from evil and harm. Jabez acknowledged God as the true center for his life. When we pray for God’s blessing, we should also pray that He will take His rightful position as Lord over our work, our family time, and our recreation. Obeying Him in daily responsibilities is heroic living.
(Note: 4:9-10 Life Application NIV Study Bible, p. 606-607)

Who’s Who in the Bible


Key Life Lesson


Adam (1:1)

Our sins have far greater implications than we realize.

Gen 2-3

Noah (1:4)

Great rewards come from obeying God

Gen 6-9

Nimrod (1:10)

Grew to be a mighty warrior on earth

Gen 10:8, 9

Abraham (1:27)

Faith alone makes one right in God’s eyes

Gen 11:26-25:10

Isaac ( 1:28 )

Seeking peace brings true respect

Gen 21-35

Esau (1:35)

It is never too late to put away bitterness and forgive

Gen 25:20-36:43

Amalek (1:36

There are evil men and nations who seek to harm God’s people

Exo 17:8-16

Israel (Jacob) (2:1)

While our sins may haunt us, God will honor our faith

Gen 25:20-50:13

Judah (2:3)

God can change the hearts of even the most wicked people

Gen 37-50

Tamar (2:4)

God works his purposes even through sinful events

Gen 28

Perez (2:5)

Your background does not matter to God

Gen 38:27-30

Boaz (2:12)

Those who are kind to others will receive kindness themselves.


Jesse (2:13)

Never take lightly the impact you may have on your children

1 Samuel 16

David (2:15)

True greatness is having a heart for God

1 and 2 Samuel

Joab (2:16)

Those who seek power die with nothing

2 Samuel 2:13 – 1 Kings 2:34

Amnon (3:1)

Giving in to lust leads only to tragedy

2 Samuel 13

Absalom (3:2)

Those seeking to oust a God-appointed leader will have a difficult battle

2 Samuel 13 – 18

Adonijah (3:2)

God must determine what is rightfully ours

1 Kings 1-2

Bathsheba (3:5)

One wrong act does not disqualify us from accomplishing things for God

2 Samuel 11-12

Solomon (3:5)

Human wisdom is foolishness without God

1 Kings 1-2

Jabez (4:9-10)

Remembered for a prayer of blessing and guidance

1 Chronicles 4:9-10

Othniel (4:13)

Israel’s first judge. He reformed the nation and brought peace to the land.

Judges 1:9-15

Caleb (4:15)

One of the 12 spies sent into the promised land, of two that returned with a positive report

Numbers 13; 14; Joshua 14; 15

Reuben (5:1)

What is gained from a moment of passion is only perceived; what is lost is real and permanent.

Gen 35:22; 37; 49:3, 4

Aaron (6:3)

Don’t expect God’s leaders to be perfect, but don’t let them get away with sin either

Exo 4 – Num 20

Nadab (6:3)

Pretending to be God’s representative is dangerous business

Lev 10

Eleazar (6:3)

Those who are consistent in their faith are the best models to follow

Num 20:25-29; 26 – 34; Joshua 24:33

Korah (6:22)

Rebelling against God’s leaders is rebelling against God and will always be unsuccessful

Num 16

Joshua (7:27)

Real courage comes from God


Saul (8:33)

Those who say they follow God but don’t live like it waste their God-given potential

1 Samuel 8 – 31

Jonathan (8:33)

True friends always think of the other person, not just themselves

1 Samuel 14 – 31

Chart above is from The Life Application NIV Bible p. 607, except for the references I added in blue. Take some time to add more names to your own list… and comment here!

Curious for more genealogy information? Check out this website: Complete-Bible-Genealogy.com to learn more about people in the Bible. A very helpful site!

1 Chronicles 10: The Reign of David (beginning)

The reign of David goes through chapter 29 of 1 Chronicles which we’ll finish up the end of this month. Therefore – I’ll journal this chapter (10) in a later post of Our Journey!

Psalm 73

In this Psalm we learn the prosperity of the wicked is only temporary and the righteous receive lasting rewards! The notes share: Two strong themes wind their way through these verses: (1) the wicked prosper, leaving faithful people wondering why they bother to be good, and (2) the wealth of the wicked looks so inviting that faithful people may wish they could trade places. But these two themes come to unexpected ends, for the wealth of the wicked suddenly loses its power at death and the rewards for the good suddenly take on eternal value. What seemed like wealthis now waste, and what seemed worthless now lasts forever. Don’t wish you could trade places with evil people to get their wealth. One day they will wish they could trade places with you and have your eternal wealth. We need to keep our focus on Him and His eternal blessings for us.

Psalm 77

Comfort can only come from focusing on God and remembering the help He provided in the past.

Psalm 88

This is one of the saddest Psalms, giving no answer or expression of hope. The writer teaches us to bring everything to God, that we can share anything & everything that we feel and go through with Him. We need to learn to experience His presence even when we’re going through rough times and may despise even life itself.

Notes share: 88:13, 14 The writer of this psalm was close to death, perhaps debilitated by disease, and forsaken by friends. But he could still pray. Perhaps you are not so afflicted, but you know someone who is. Consider being a prayer companion for that person. This psalm can be a prayer you can lift to God on his or her behalf. Would you take the time to do that – today, this very minute?

Psalm 93

This psalm reminds us of His unchanging and mighty nature! Thank You Father for sharing Your strength with us to endure the world.

Psalm 102-103

Psalm 102 is a reminder that He is our cure for distress and He remains with us, even though we may feel alone.

Psalm 103 shares God’s love for us as He redeems us from the pit, being compassionate and gracious, slow to anger, and abounding in love.

2 Samuel 5:1-10

These verses share with us of David becoming king over Israel and him conquering Jerusalem. Did you catch how he and his men entered the city? v 8 share – through the water shaft! David caught the Jebusites by surprise, as they felt no one could get into their city.
     Only in God are we truly safe and secure. Anything else is false security. Whether you are surrounded by mighty walls of stone, a comfortable home, or a secure job, no one can predict what tomorrow may bring. Our relationship with God is the only security that cannot be taken away. Thank You, Father, for keeping us safe, staying with us through all, being our stronghold and not allowing anything to take us, your children, away from you. Amen

The watercourse by which Joab and David’s men gained entrance to Jerusalem was discovered in 1998 Watercourseby Ronny Reich and Eli Shukron. It consists of a large pool, which collected water from the Gihon Spring and was guarded by two massive towers. An underground secret passageway led from inside the city to a point where water could be drawn from the pool – so that the residents of the city did not have to go outside the city wall to draw water. (Haley’s Bible Handbook, 2000, p. 273) (You can search Jeresalem watercourse, Jebusites watershaft, Warren’s shaft to find more information regarding the watershaft!)

Thank you for joining me this week… I look forward to our journey. Prayers & God Bless. Sharing His Love, HL


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