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Our Journey – Beginning Week 33

Hello everyone!

We begin week 33… continuing through Isaiah, 2 Kings, and Psalms!

I need to share there was a typo on the original schedule – that I’ve now corrected. Please forgive any confusion this may have caused. August 12th previously had us reading through 11 chapters of 2 Kings… but now has been corrected to show: 2 Kings 18:9-19:37; Psalm 46, 80, 135.

You can Our Journeysee this years plan by clicking on the Our Journey icon (picture) here, read through past entries, and leave your own comment of thoughts and things learned this year! Join us to read through the Bible Chronologically – this six day plan gives you Sunday off so that you can have a devoted prayer time to reflect and journal on what you’ve read throughout the week! And if needed – a day to catch up on any readings you may have missed.
      Please know that you can begin with the 1st of the year or at any time you please (and then catch up when you’re able to – maybe even next year)! May God Bless you as you walk and build your relationship closer with Him!

I pray you all enjoy your journey through this week. Following you will find some questions and statements to ponder on while reading through the Word that I thought of while just skimming through. Please share your thoughts here as you read this week through commenting, and I look forward to coming back later to share my notes as a delve deeper into the Word!


August 11 Isaiah 44-48 Week 33  
August 12 2 Kings 18:9-19:37; Psalm 46, 80, 135  
August 13 Isaiah 49-53  
August 14 Isaiah 54-58  
August 15 Isaiah 59-63  
August 16 Isaiah 64-66  
August 17 Prayer  /  Reflection  /  Journal & Bible Reading Catch Up

After finishing up the beginning of Isaiah… I’d like to share these thoughts from the Introduction of Isaiah of my Life Application NIV Study Bible.

    The 27 chapters (40-66) in the second half of Isaiah generally bring a message of forgiveness, comfort, and hope. This message of hope looks forward to the coming of the Messiah. Isaiah speaks more about the Messiah than does any other Old Testament prophet. He describes the Messiah as both a suffering Servant and a sovereign Lord. The fact that the Messiah was to be both a suffering Servant and a sovereign Lord could not be understood clearly until New Testament times. Based on what Jesus Christ has done, God freely offers forgiveness to all who turn to Him in faith, this is God’s message of comfort to us because those who heed it find eternal peace and fellowship with Him.

I am going to back up here and begin with Isaiah 40.

Memorize: Isaiah 40:8 “The grass withers and the flowers fall, but the word of our God stands forever.” Picture this and be in total comfort knowing that His Word stands forever! Continue on in this chapter and be even more comforted understanding that He is our source of strength when all seems to be coming down around. (See Isaiah 40:28-31) In hard times, do you turn to Him for renewing of your strength? Here is more comfort from Isaiah 43… Knowing that He will always be with us (See Isaiah 43:2)!

As you read through Isaiah 42 consider God’s loving attributes. Are you taking the time to allow God’s Spirit shine through being sensitive to people around you, and reflecting His goodness and honesty to them?

We need to remember who created us and be careful to stand strong in worshiping the One and Only God… as we read through Isaiah 44. Ask yourself:

  1. Who created me?
  2. Whom do I ultimately trust?
  3. Whom do I look to for ultimate truth?
  4. Whom do I look to for security and happiness?
  5. Who is in charge of my future?

If your answer to any of the above questions is anything or anyone other than God, you may need to check out who or what your are worshiping.

Enjoy the Word as you read through Psalm 46 knowing that He will not fail to rescue those who love Him!

Understand the difference between the greatness of God to the powerlessness of idols as you read through Psalm 135.

Where does your confidence come from? Are you staying in the Word to build a better, closer, relationship with God? Who are you putting your trust in to see you through something? Be careful … read through Isaiah 48-51 and consider the people of Judah confidence came only from living in Jerusalem, depending on their heritage, their city, and their temple – not God. Do you feel secure because you to go to church or livein a Christian country? Heritage, buildings, or nations cannot give us a relationship with God; we must truly depend on Him personally, with all our hearts and minds.

Are you sharing your faith, salvation, and His Good News with others? (See Isaiah 52)

Have you given your life to Jesus Christ, the “good shepherd” (John 10:11-16), or are you still going your won way like a wandering sheep? (See Isaiah 53) Know that God offers us free nourishment that feeds our soul, nourishment that is better then food that only lasts a short time. How do we get His nourishment? (See Isaiah 55)

God commanded His people to rest and honor Him on the Sabbath (Exodus 20:8-11; Isaiah 56:2)… make a list of how you make Sunday special, and share it here in the comments area.


I pray your journey continues to be blessed as we read through His Word, HL


4 Responses

  1. I FINALLY posted for My Walk Monday and I made a couple changes too if you wanna check it out.

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    Blessings to you!
    Miss Jocelyn

  3. […] Last week we considered a question along the line of: do you feel secure because you go church, or where you live? As you read through 2 Chronicles 33 consider this again and realize that we need to be sure not to distort our worship practices. […]

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