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HomeMaker Study

I came across this study on Home Making… a study not set on dates; just as time allows from Peggy! As I begin reading through the posts I felt it necessary to share. Clicking on the Icon here HomeMakingwill take you to her site for this study and I’d like to say – thank you Peggy for taking the time to share this and have us all really ponder our homes and what they mean to us, our family, friends, and others.

The post:

Just An Oil Lamp?~Part 3

asks us to consider our oil lamp, Look up Matthew 25~; Look up the word wise (write your findings); Look up the word foolish (write your findings); ~Use your journal to explain in your own words what this study entry says to you.

The oil lamp is to consider ourselves – are we ready, prepared for Jesus’ return? Currently I am working my way this year through the Bible chronologically and though I’ve fallen behind from time to time, I have been able to catch back up reading… but not completely with my journal postings. I am always looking to learn new things and love reading Biblical books and Bible Studies. So, considering this, am I ready? Not always 😦 . I need to make sure that I am sharing more of Him with others, even with my children. We need to get back on track reading His Word together… so that my prayer is when they reach adulthood it will already be the norm for them to make sure they have their quiet time each day; instead of fighting schedules to make it happen.

– – –

By clicking on wise here – you’ll be directed to dictionary.com for my findings. Also my findings from Wiktionary.org on wise; as just googling wise did not much help.

  • To be wise is to have discernment, good judgement; to have wisdom. I also feel to be wise is to continually look to learn something new.

By clicking on fool here – you’ll be directed to dictionary.com and on fool here will direct you to Wiktionary.org for my findings.

  • To be considered a fool is to be stupid (oh I really don’t like that word), one lacking judgement or sense, a jester, even known as a madman. This is not how I want to be known; but sometimes we all lack judgement – don’t we?

This entry and God’s Word is eye opening to me to show that I must continue to take the time to be ready for Jesus’ return. In Matthew 25:1-13 we learn from the virgins that were not ready, that our spiritual preparation cannot be bought or borrowed from someone else, we need to be prepared by standing firm in continuing to Seek Him, Reading His Word, and being ready for His Return.

– – –

Peggy’s response can be found here:

My Personal Oil Lamp~Part 4

And how true she is to share that we need to focus on our relationship with the Lord; that if we don’t seek Him, everything else seems to fall apart. We need to be careful that schedule our time with Him each day so that, as Peggy shared, we don’t end up feeling like “… is times like these that I have most often misplaced my homemaking vision and what happens is discontentment sets in, hurriedness becomes the norm, confusion circles around me and if let go unchecked resentment will hush in like a fog or shroud.”

My prayer:

Heavenly Father I come to You, humbly, sorrowful, that I do not stand up enough making sure that my relationship with You comes first and foremost. I ask for Your continued guidance and thank You so much for Your grace with me. Take the hurriedness away, let me BE STILL within Your loving arms. Too often we become hurried and miss the special moments You want us to encounter. I pray we all can take a step back and focus on our centerpiece here. In Jesus’ name, Amen.


One Response

  1. Amen, sister. may we all be still and know that He is God! listen to Him speak His words of love to us!

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