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Welcome… 2009

Hello everyone!

I’m back…
      for a moment…
              well, I’ve been here off/on most of the evening; except to watch a movie with my DS and DH!

I wanted to share a few things with you. First – Thank you Carolyn from Scrapping Servant& Dionna from Emphasis on Moms for checking in on me. I greatly appreciate it. I have been away for quite some time as work has really taking a toll on me and I have to focus & stay on top of my priorities! (Not that you all are not a priority in my life…)

  1. My reading through the Word is first & foremost. Continuing to build a relationship with our heavenly Father is so exciting! I did complete for the first time in 34 years reading through the entire Bible in one year in 2008. It’s amazing to me, as I read, how much I actually do remember – as I’ve always had a hard time sharing things because I couldn’t tell them exactly where it was in the Bible or the exact words. But, I’ve learned over the last year – that He gives us the Words He needs us to share! Thank You so much Father for your continued guidance and care for me & my family. Which leads me to #2
  2. Being my dear husbands help meet. This can be a challenge; but continue to look forward to blessings each day as we walk our journey together! I haven’t yet had the enjoyment of reading “Created to Be His Help Meet” by: Debi Pearl yet… but pray that is accomplished soon.
  3. Being the mother God wants me to be to my two boys! Having an elementary and high school-er in the same house is quite amusing. My prayer: to be the example He needs me to be to continue to lead His gifts to me, to Him! And let me confess, its so VERY hard being this example – I’m messing up a lot; but returning to each & God for forgiveness too when I realize I have messed up. And the teenager… whooo – he lets me know when I mess up if I don’t figure it out quick enough. But, I must share – it’s great to watch them grow, slow as it is (thanking God for that too), into the men God wants them to be. To watch them make the choices and/or accept the guidance to make the right choices is rewarding enough in itself!
  4. Caregiver to my mother… and then my job – My business of Elder-Caregiving has been so rewarding and such a “God thing.” I don’t mean that disrespectful at all either. He has allowed me to learn so much throughout the years, caring for my family and friends & in education, that now I can earn a living doing this! And any time my DH, children, or mother need me at home – work is scarce. But when things are fine (if you can call it that – LOL) with everyone; work is booming! Thank You so much Father, for Your continued blessings upon our family.
  5. Our church… going/serving here is rewarding too!

This past year we endured and enjoyed a lot. My DH was diagnosed with lime disease; our youngest DS was diagnosed of being allergic to milk; my mother and I rang in the New Year with an awful stomach virus… but enough of the negatives – – – as that is one of my major goals too this year (STAY POSITIVE).

We enjoyed time together; our oldest DS didn’t endure as many migraines as the year before; sharing time and learning with old & new friends; growing closer to God; the roof over our heads & food on the table; and finding the quiet time for peace & joy with God.

    trying to stop being so busy,


One Response

  1. I like how you put it–that caregiving is a “God thing.” Everything that’s truly good is from God–and caregiving by challening, exhausting,and at times, frustrating, it’s still good because it feels “right–to care for those we love and those who need us.

    I cared for my mom for close to 15 years (she had Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s) and the last 2 years in our home, so I know how good–and how hard it can be–and it’s still worth it.

    ~Carol D. O’Dell
    Author, Mothering Mother: A Daughter’s Humorous and Heartbreaking Memoir, available on Amazon

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