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Where does the time go?

Hello there,

It’s been too long since I’ve been around here in blogville; please except my apology for not updating. There really is nothing going on that keeps me from blogging, I guess I’m just currently in a place where I don’t have much to share 😦

I’ve been working through many things:

  • Reading through the Word – not so much following the chronological plan as intended, but reading His Word while in study of certain words, groups, etc.
  • Prayer – prayer has been a huge thing for me so far this year! My prayer time has increased, not that I’m getting wordy (I hope, b/c I’m good at doing that, LOL) but that I’m spending more time praying consistently and just conversing with God throughout the day! With this, I’m also seeing much change in situations I’m facing!
  • Marriage – God is working here too! We’ve had our ups/downs (lots) already this year, but it’s opened more communication and realization of who we are as spouses, parents, & individuals!
  • Parenting – Oh my, my, my…
    God gives us these wonderful gifts to share Him with, and do our best to lead them to Him. When we’re, as parents, not being the best example He needs us to be – this is a hard task. Sometimes I feel like a complete failure, to turn and have my teen remind me that God is full of grace for those who repent… try there best. It’s great to see him grow; recently he borrowed Do Hard Things from our public library. We just started reading it together. Check out there website & blog!
    As for my youngest… he’s now 7 & trying to figure out where he fits in his personality & attitude. Can we just say, while he’s trying to hold onto his gracious kindness some bitterness is seeping through too – and mostly directed toward his older brother. I guess the saying is still true – us younger ones will half the time love our older siblings and the other half we’ll not like them so much (my wording as – hate – is such a harsh word).
  • Caregiving –
    Here’s another oh my…
    My mother & I had a discussion today… it was a good one – eye opening. We’ve figured out that from October through June/July is hardest time of the year for her. Her fibromyalgia flares heavily off/on with all the weather changes and her depression is no where near being balanced by medications as the doctor’s or family would like for it to be. For example: Christmas celebrations were spent this year almost without her – as she stayed in her room while some family visited. Not great for my boys or niece/nephew to have to experience; but we try our best to explain that Grandma is not feeling well enough to come out of bed today.
    As for my business Elder-caregiving: I’m on temporary leave at the moment b/c my client is in the hospital 😦 She had the hardest time walking the other night; so her DH decided it best she go. We’re not sure when she’ll be home; but we’ll keep her in our prayers during this time & see where God needs me during this time off.
    As I’ve shared before & it still stands today… Caregiving for me is such a God Thing (no disrespect intended), it’s great how everything flows together so wonderfully. Throughout the last year+ I’ve seen God work wonders in this gift He’s given me: with being able to live with my mother; keep positive open communication going; when she or other family members need me – work positions are scarce; when church needs me – again work is scarce; when all is okay – work is booming! And it all works out good in the end – just as Scripture says it will!

So, continue pressing on… will try to update more soon,


One Response

  1. Hey Heather, it was so great to read your update and feel like im still ‘walking’ with you! i love and miss you!!! love, kerrie

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