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Depression, Fibro, & Rain


We enjoyed a wonderful weekend… almost – as the rain started yesterday (Sunday). Can I just say… AAAAHHHH – 0 –

Friday I returned home from an outing to Walmart with my friend/mentor to find mom sleeping. This was not the plan… I’d left her 1 1/2 hours before with the hope that we’d go out when I returned.
  I just wanted to get some grocery shopping done while she woke up. We discussed that I still wanted to take her out to Ollies, but was going to get some groceries; and when I returned I’d help her finish getting ready to go out. She replied quietly, “But, today was supposed to be our day.” I told her I wouldn’t go with my friend… she argued that it was fine for me to go. But in the end – – – I shouldn’t have gone; b/c she took my outing as an opportunity to crawl back into her hole and not go out for a little bit.
  We can only go out in little spurts – as the fibro keeps her body in such pain that it is very hard to keep moving forward. Fibromyalgia can cause my mom so much pain like someone is stabbing her just by gently poking her. I came home expecting to go out – that’s where God laughs at us, making expectations/plans up – but we didn’t make it out that day. So I thought…

I’d take her out Saturday! I was excited to find that our community park was having its spring craft fair and it was such a glorious, sunny, beautiful day! BUT… she didn’t want to go anywhere – staying in her room, curled up in her bed, watching TV & reading books.

Then Sunday came and the rain began… the body hurting more & the mind spiraling round. Today (Monday) more of this routine… not completing anything; she didn’t even get to the dishes this week – my oldest son & I have been keeping up on them. I thank God that He’s given me this understanding family to stay together and care for my mom when she needs us most – – – times like this weekend when it just seems as though the pain won’t stop and the mood just won’t perk up either.

I only get maybe two months out of every year when my mom really comes out of her shell and perks up enough to be “part of the everyday life with family, somewhat” and that time is NOT right now. So – we continue to press on, praying, giving each situation to God – laying them at His feet – Knowing He’ll comfort us & strengthen us as we try our best to walk this journey as He wants. I Praise Him… Thanking Him for the benefit that at least she did sit in the back yard for some time on Saturday while the sun was shining watching the boys play ball – – – no pictures to share as she’d be really mad if I took a pic right now. 

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Love & Prayers,


2 Responses

  1. Ahhh… It’s so hard when a disease process has so much control–over schedules, feelings, opportunities. I’m hoping the sun shines for you and your mom and it’s warmth brings a glow to both of you. Is the sleeping better?

  2. Hey Denise,
    Thanks for checking in on me & mom. I greatly appreciate your comments/hopes. I did finally sleep through the night last night with no interruptions; and have had a pretty upbeat day – – – only tired somewhat mid-day; but did not take a nap b/c I know that could ruin my sleep for tonight.
    Thanks again, HL

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