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Ohhh… Migraines

Do you deal with this awful illness? Disorder? Issue? Disease?
What are they calling it now a days?

I really don’t care what they’re calling it – I just truly wish my oldest son & I didn’t have to deal with them any longer. I had a busy day planned out – was going to complete my declutter post (still can – they day is not over yet!)… but the migraine came and took half of my day away from me.

How do you get rid of your migraine? Please share your ideas – so we can share with others. I know too many people right now that suffer from these terrible pains in our head.

Thanks in advance for participating,


3 Responses

  1. I don’t personally get migraines, but I hear that Extra Strength Excedrin can help. Works best if you take it as soon as you get the signs of a migraine, before it takes complete hold. My friend gets little sparkly things in her field of vision at the beginning & I know some people get nauseous. Don’t bother getting the Migraine formula for Excedrin. It is the exact same formula. I think it just costs more & comes with some info insert about migraines. Take with food! That stuff can be hard on the stomach. And of course if you can’t have aspirin, caffeine, or acetominofen (sp?), you can’t use it.

  2. Honestly I have suffered with migraines since approximately the age of six!
    Praise God I have medicine and prayer these days…

    After God the best rememdy is to know your warning signs…as Christina said some have the “aura” warning…others know because of sensativity to light and sound, the warning signs are vast and different for everyone. Take your medicine as soon as you realize you haved a migraine. Treating the pain as soon as possible is the answer (quote from my physician). Letting the headache get out of control sometimes stops any medicine, otc or perscription from working properly.
    Secondly, a dark, quiet and cool room to rest in (essentially shutting out any stimuli to the brain) will assist in relief, greatly.
    And a booster: take your medicine with your choice of caffeine. The caffeine affects the medication just like it does your body, it gives it a jump start. (also by permission of my physician).
    Blessings everyone and feel better.

  3. Oh my goodness am I ever in that boat with you! I have a migraine tonight. They are just the most horrible thing aren’t they!! I have had mri/mra’s CT angiograms (misspelled sorry), to make sure I had no other issues going on. Tests upon tests. I had doctors having me on the treat as I get them. I was getting them 4 times a week, sometimes more. Horrible!! Now I am on a medication called Topamax, I take 25mg twice a day to try and prevent getting one, and when I get one I take Relpax. I have had times where they are so very bad my husband has to take me to the E.R. to get IV medications. I know that my biggest trigger is stress. I avoid caffine, chocolates and pay attention to certain triggers such as smells. BLEACH is a huge trigger for me, if I smell it… with being a caregiver, its not always an option for me to go and lay down to rest, generally I have to wait like tonight to take my Relpax at bedtime!

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