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Wilderness Mentality

I am currently reading through Joyce Meyer’s Battlefield of the Mind: Winning the Battle in Your Mind… up to chapter 16 and have to share these thoughts with you. If you have ever or are currently dealing with negativity, thoughts that always bring you down, I highly recommend reading this book & maybe even going through the study guide as well.

The introduction to Part 3: Wilderness Mentalities struck me to share one sentence with you, and then a question.

Some people live in a wilderness, while others are a wilderness.

Ask Yourself: Which (if either) am I?

As I sat and pondered this question on my enclosed porch this morning God revealed to me I can be both. And then as I shared with my friend/prayer warrior too, more was revealed to me… it all depends on how we look at it. Our outcome depends on our thoughts. Always remember that negative feelings, sayings, and actions come from (start with) a negative thought.


Living in:

  • For me this can be just being part ofsinking with others negativity – wrong mindset – coming alongside someone else’s wrong thinking and getting into agreement with them. But even living in the wilderness can simply be not stepping out, standing up, for your own beliefs when someone else is trying to bring you down.
  • For my friend the thoughts were different! I’m excited to share this with you: Living in the wilderness is a christian always remembering that we are different and not to be of this world!


  • For me becoming the wilderness is when I share my own wrong mindset in order to make wish others join meto come alongside me in my misery. Bringing others down. It’s not that I mean to do this, nor do I think others in this situation want to do this; it’s just goes along with the saying, “Misery loves company.” And please – don’t get me wrong – I truly believe and want others/myself to share when we’re the wilderness, because only sharing is what will help you/me come out of the wilderness.
  • For my friend she saw this as a christian becoming the wilderness because he/she is living too much in and part of this world.

As Joyce shares… this is my prayer I’m adding to:

Father, I ask for You to help us to see if we’re only living inthe wilderness or are the wilderness. Help me/others to see the light shining so we can find our way out, to walk out, of the wilderness we’ve become accustom to. Help me to see the roller coaster for what it is, to overcome continuing to take too long in a circumstance, to overcome the darkness the enemy so wants me to sink into. Take the hollowness away, and remind me that “any time I’m negative, I am not operating with the mind of Jesus” – but following satan. Enable me/others the joy of our journey here on earth so that we’re not even living in the wilderness any longer.                                   Amen

Share your thoughts! Are you part of the wilderness? Living in it? Are you the wilderness? Or are you now enjoying the journey, from overcoming the wilderness? … if so – share how you reached this stage. Thank you for coming alongside me in my journey to come out of the wilderness!


One Response

  1. I will have to add this to my wish list of books… thank you for sharing and helping me with my “thinking”

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