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New… Moving ahead!

Hello everyone,

I know it’s been a while; but seasons are changing around here & I’m still busy!! But, busy is good – it just depends on how we look at things. I’ve been working in the elder-care field again!! Thanking God daily for using me here when home needs slow – my business is all to the glory of Him who guides me.

I wanted to stop in today to let you all know about two different books I’m about to embark on! The Power of a Praying Parent by Stormie OMartian AND 31 Days of Praise: Enjoying God Anew by Ruth & Warren Myers!

So excited to share another SHMILY journey with a group on Facebook getting ready to read through The Power of a Praying Parent! I’ve had this book for quite some time – began to read it; but never finished. So hopefully this time with the accountable and encouragement – I’ll complete it!

Regardless of whether you have a book or not, you can still pray each day for your child(ren) by stopping by Amy’s blog to see the topic of the day.  She will have them listed on the sidebar of her blog, so no matter when you start, you can check them when it’s convenient for you.  Amy’s blog is: Dandelion Seeds!

Amy will also be posting on the SHMILY Time fan page, so if you would like, you can follow there as well.  You can get there by clicking the following link: http://www.facebook.com/SHMILYtime

Please don’t hesitate in joining us as we pray for our children

  1. Becoming a Praying Parent
  2. Releasing My Child into God’s Hands
  3. Securing Protection from Harm
  4. Feeling Loved and Accepted
  5. Establishing an Eternal Future
  6. Honoring Parents and Resisting Rebellion
  7. Maintaining Good Family Relationships
  8. Attracting Godly Friends and Role Models
  9. Developing a Hunger for the Things of God
  10. Being the Person God Created
  11. Following Truth, Rejecting Lies
  12. Enjoying a Life of Health and Healing
  13. Having the Motivation for Proper Body Care
  14. Instilling the Desire to Learn
  15. Identifying God-Given Gifts and Talents
  16. Learning to Speak Life
  17. Staying Attracted to Holiness and Purity
  18. Praying Through a Child’s Room
  19. Enjoying Freedom from Fear
  20. Receiving a Sound Mind
  21. Inviting the Joy of the Lord
  22. Destroying an Inheritance of Family Bondage
  23. Avoiding Alcohol, Drugs, and Other Addictions
  24. Rejecting Sexual Immorality
  25. Finding the Perfect Mate
  26. Living Free of Unforgiveness
  27. Walking in Repentance
  28. Breaking Down Ungodly Strongholds
  29. Seeking Wisdom and Discernment
  30. Growing in Faith
  31. Praying for Your Adult Children

& using the Adult Children addition book too!

Looking forward to sharing this journey with you,
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2 Responses

  1. thanks for the reminder of a “A praying parent”. Gotta move out of the nagging, complaining parent complex to one that prays…

    • Allen,
      Thanks for your comment… reading through “The Power of a Praying Parent” with the group online was very rewarding. I will continue to pick up this book throughout my parenting years.

      BTW – awesome photo’s; thx for sharing your Flickr link!

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