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God… Who are You? Part 2

I’m behind in my postings … … again. Join us every Monday … this weeks post can be found by clicking on the large button above! Again, Jenifer shares a video with us & study guide to fill in the blank and continue studying throughout the week. Photobucket

I look forward to continuing through the study over At the Well with our host: Jenifer Jernigan from By His Grace regarding Who God is… and What He does for me! This is my post for lesson two; where our discussion focus questions are:

(you can answer 1 or both, that’s up to you)
1. What does it mean to you to know that you are precious in God’s sight?
2. Can you think of a time in your life when you’ve experienced, firsthand, the LORD’s faithfulness? Share your thoughts.

Session 2 – 2/15/2010

1) It is sometimes hard for me to know, really get it, that God see’s me as precious. When I think of this verse, I am reminded of Zephaniah 3:17!

Photo by: Amydeanne http://the160acrewoods.com

The Lord your God is with you,
he is might to save.
He will take great delight in you,
he will quiet you with his love,
he will rejoice over you with singing.

Zephaniah 3:17

To see me as precious… I think of Him having delight in me. Why would He have such devotion, delight, and Love for me – – – wanting to rejoice over me? I sit in awe, amazement, and wonder… thankful for His desire to know me; the real me as He sees our hearts. But sometimes I fear – my heart is not all it needs to be to please Him. My heart breaks by not being able to continually living up to what He wants for me… as I fall back into old habits of not seeking Him first; being humanly selfish; and humanly speaking without thinking first. This are excuses, that using so cannot change a thing; I can only help myself – allow God to help me – by claiming what I’ve done, be responsible for my own actions, asking for forgiveness & continuing on the best that I can.

I have to give these thoughts to God, let go … and remember that I am:

  • Precious in the sight of the LORD ………. Psalm 116:15
  • more precious the gold …………………… Psalm 19:10
  • chosen by God and precious to him ….. 1 Peter 2:4

bringing me back to being totally in awe of our gracious Father!

2) There have been several occasions that our LORD has been faithful to me… letting me know totally that He’s not done with me yet.

The first that came to mind is when my oldest was experiencing severe headaches about four years ago. We’d visiting several doctors & he underwent several tests via blood draws, CTs, MRIs, and MRAs. The entire time this was going on, I was worried as his mother – of course, but I didn’t find myself trembling… loosing it – as this was my baby in pain & we didn’t know why. But, God held me & him, giving us both comfort & peace the entire time my son experienced this. Thankful today that he has been diagnosed with migraine headaches… not that we’d want anyone to have endure such pain, but we’re truly thankful it was nothing more serious!

Recently, I allowed my emotions to overcome my common sense and got into an argument with my mom 😦 I will not share all of the details here, as I do not have her permission… but I can say – my own behavior was shameful. We both said things we shouldn’t have, and know that we didn’t mean – as we discussed it & apologized for the next morning. God was faithful during this time to hold us together, and protect me when I went for a drive right after with thoughts rolling in my head that I didn’t want to be here anymore – I’d much rather have it all over, asking Him to take me away from this; feeling as though I’m just a burden to all and they’d be better off without me. I know these feelings are not true – I allowed my depression to overcome, and satan to overcome. But God placed His hands on my wheel, protecting me through my careful driving while crying, praying, yelling… and safely returning me home!

Now you have a glimpse of where I’m currently at – still trying to hold on to what I know is right to do… delving into His Word for how He sees me; and not what satan wants me to believe.Thankful for our Savior’s continued hand on me, guidance through each circumstance, and love, grace, & mercy upon me! Still trying to hold my head up… thankful for prayers too.

Looking forward to tomorrow’s Session 3 post with Jenifer! Thanks for joining me on this journey,

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One Response

  1. hugs Heather!
    I know what you’re talking about!
    What a great study, I’ve been following even though not actively commenting!

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