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God… Who Are You? Part 3

Hello everyone,

I’m excited to continue this journey… learning who God is more & more each day! I am so thankful for Jenifer’s time & dedication to each of us … as I continue here (or in her comments) I lift her up for continued blessings from our gracious Father. Please join us on this journey – click on the button in the side bar or above. You can also find more from Jenifer over at her blog: By His Grace!

Today’s Discussion Question:
How comforting is it to you to know that God is with you, through the good and the bad, always protecting you and always loving you?

Session 3 – 2/22/2010

How amazing it is that Jenifer would share Immanuel with us now ?!? God uses every piece of everyday to let me know that He is a part of each step, each sight, each way I turn! If you’ve followed me for any length of time, I’m sure you’ll catch on to the fact that I fight depression – a lot, if not daily – especially through these winter months. Lately I’ve been going through a hard time emotionally… but even when I foolishly think that I am alone – He is there, right in the midst of my chaotic thoughts letting me know that I can get through this. Helping me to see that I need to return, apologize, and do my best to make things right. Helping me to understand that He’s not done with me yet! I can’t give up – I have children, family, friends, patients, patients families… so many that depend on me. Reminding me of the blessings He’s surrounded me with!

I am truly comforted to know that He is with me through all… thick & thin. And then… it scares me to remember, afterward, the moments where I’d forgotten. I can sit back and think of so many times in my past where I’d taken the wrong turn… thought the wrong thoughts… behaved the wrong way… … … where I was leaning on my own understanding; and still see now how much He was protecting me! I’m so thankful… yet feeling not thankful enough sometimes. You know – we can be our own worst enemies. We need to shine for Him, share His protection, His joy with others. So I leave you with this song by JJ Heller, “Your Hands” that has gotten me through some trying times!

Father, I am thankful for the direction You’ve given, straightening out things, helping me to see the direction I need to take & for the knowledge You restore in me that You are present in each situation. Even when I’m confused, hurt, & broken – I’m in Your hands. Your Hands… tears are flowing – you see, but I believe and thank You so for coming soon – one day – to set all things right. I thank You too Father for JJ Heller & her Husband for sharing this awesome song with us. I thank You Father for Jenifer in responding to Your call to share this journey & helping us all to know You better. I thank You … Praise You … Sing with all… thank You for holding me in Your Hands. In Jesus’ name, amen

Thanks for joining me today,

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4 Responses

  1. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts today. Depression is not an easy thing to deal with and it is so comforting to know that our God is there to help us fight through it. That we are not alone, even in those lonely times!!! Praise God!!

  2. oooh Heather…sweet blessings…love your song and sharing how much God means when you battle with depression! It definitely is time like these that we truly know how much God’s comfort & strength is needed to face and make it through just one more minute. Glad that you realize how much others depend on you and the pain it would cause if you give up. Press on & hold on! So very thankful that God is holding you in His hands and lifting you up when you are overwhelmed. Keep filling your mind with God’s Word and remember that greater is He that is in you and that He has given you a sound mind! Stand on His promises & seek help. Thanks for your beautiful prayer and being real. May Immanuel be with you, take away the seasonal downs and fill you with comfort, strength & His truth rather than lies or discouragement! Isn’t it so wonderful that God arranges things like this when we need it most! Hope that it reminds you that HE is with you and you’re never alone!

  3. sweet heather…how i understand the battle of depression- having fought it for years, i know that God can heal you from its grip- continue seeking Him and laying all those feeling at His feet- and, remember…He is ALWAYS with you!!!

    thank you for your prayers- it means the world to me to know that others are lifting me up to the Father

    much love to you!!! see you monday :o)

    By His Grace,

  4. Thanks for letting me know about my blog. I haven’t had any issues. But I’ll check into it. Hope you have a great weekend!

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