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12 New Things – August

Sarah Mae decided to put out a challenge — for herself, then see who wanted to join her — to learn 12 new skills in a year! Sounds exciting and scary all at the same time! Have you already joined us? If not – it’s not too late to start 😉 It would be your choice completely: a) only learn 11 new skills, or b) learn 12 new skills beginning in September! Join us over here:

See Sarah Mae’s new skill learned in August & Link up with us: Homemade Bread!

My 12 New Things

New Skill, August – Working with others on Maximizing Your Mornings! Helping us to use our mornings for God! Scheduling Quiet time/Bible Study, Worship, Exercise, Daily to do’s, & Dinner!

I was inspired by Michelle at the beginning of August to join her for Kat’s Maximizing Your Mornings over at InspiredToAction!

I’m sure if you took the time to visit the links above… you can see I had LOTS of help to get me in gear! Michelle provided accountability through our blogs and twitter (using #HelloMornings – as our hashtag)! While Kat provided the inspiration with her e-book and continues to encourage with her blog, resources like prayer calendars, etc and even motivate us with prizes! Can I just say… I spent a lot of time over at Kat’s place – LOVE IT! (Thanks for sharing your talent’s Kat! I’m thanking God for you!!)

Soooooo… the last two weeks have been a little rough, YES – rough. I’m surprised and thankful for God’s support, strength, and deliverance of August! No, I’m not saying… I’m done – no more maximizing for me (teehee). I’m loving how even through depression, insomnia, and life over here: I kept plugging away, pressing on, persevering =-= as God would have us do! I did try to stop, but God wouldn’t let me!! He sent my mentor to call and come by for prayer daily & accountability, He gave me songs in the morning to awake and overcome negativity, He even had school start this week so I would HAVE to get up early, then… when I drove instead of walking to the bus stop thinking we’re going to miss the bus – He even gave me my precious dogs to take for a walk!

Goals:Say Hello Mornings!

  1. Awake by: 8:30 (Week 1 & 2)
    8:00 (Week 3) 7:30 (Week 4)
    7:00 (Week 5)  6:45 (Week 6)
  2. Quiet Time – Spend at least one hour daily
  3. Worship & Praise – Listen to at least three songs & Dance (it’s exercise too!)
  4. Exercise –  15 min (Week 1) 20 min (Week 2)
    25 min (Week 3) 30 min (Week 4)
    While this may look good… this is just the timing. Changing to show; I’m only half satisfied with my exercise routine! I made the time, but not the goal of exactly WHAT the exercise routine was going to be daily.
    Goal = Steps every other day; PraiseMoves the opposite days. Walk via treadmill or outside daily.  Still need to set a goal of WHY.
    I didn’t keep up with the PraiseMoves DVD’s; but do highly recommend them!
  5. Accountability
    Here again… not completely satisfied because while continued with my mentor, I didn’t so much tweet.
  6. To Do’s – Week 1 2 3  4
  7. Bed Time:  By 11:30p   Week 1 2 3  4
    I went to bed … just couldn’t stay there all the time because of my insomnia, didn’t want to disturb my hubby. But I did reach my goal 3 out of the 4 weeks so far to go to bed before 11:30p – it helps to write it down!

FAIL 8^(

Maximizing my mornings has helped me with completing things!

Aug 16-22 Aug 23-29

I have shrunk the weekly overview to half a regular page, so it will fit in my day-planner and included sections for time awoke & time to bed; as well as this format giving me more room to list songs I want to check if I already have on my iPod or need to buy.

To help Maximize my day – mornings – I started using a suggestion (sorry I can’t currently remember from where) to plan daily chores with the letter of the day:

  1. Monday – Menu & Planning/Prep (to include running errands)
  2. Tuesday – Toilets, tub, towels (laundry)
  3. Wednesday – Wash & Windows (windows only done once monthly – it’s the slider that needs weekly – sometimes daily – attention)
  4. Thursday – Tables cleared & Dusting
  5. Friday – Floors
  6. Saturday – Shopping

I love how I can glance back at this overview and see quickly where I’ve been in Bible Study! Just to continue to remind me. One piece I look forward to add – as it’s currently on the back: our weekly memory verse we’re (my youngest son & I) are working on! Additionally, since there is a planning section daily – it helps me to remember to take out whats needed for dinner in the morning!

So, while I sit here reviewing my weeks – I think I still need some work here… but am excited by what I’ve learned. I was discouraged & didn’t post earlier b/c everything wasn’t completed. But – we can’t be perfect. AND we need to remember – it takes at least 21 days of doing the same thing over & over to make it a habit! Just keep trying, pressing on, and persevering! Remember – With God, all things are possible!

If you want to journey along, won’t you subscribe to Like a Warm Cup of Coffee so we can walk alongside one another as we learn 12 new things? (It’s free!)

Thanks for joining me today! And GREAT Thanks to Michelle & Kat!!

6 Responses

  1. “Just keep trying, pressing on, and persevering!”

    I love it! I can so identify with much of what you were sharing in your post…especially exercising (I love PraiseMoves myself!) and consistent devotions. You’ve really encouraged me with your post to keep trying, pressing on, and persevering in these things myself.

    Blessings and hugs to you!

  2. You are doing great! Anything more than what you were doing is success. 🙂

    I’m so glad you’re encouraged by the blog. I’m encouraged by you.

  3. Impressive! Lots to read and absorb in this post! Thanks!

    • Thanks for stopping by Jamie! Sorry it was so much to read… I’ve always been a “wordy” person and try not to do so here in posts; but this couldn’t be helped – with all I wanted to share! Wanting to make sure that I gave credit to where the inspiration and resources used from! Hope they help others along their journey!
      Prayers & Hugs, HL

  4. Blessings Heather (HL)…How did you know that I looked in on this last week when I visited your WFW? I was so impressed! And now I’m even more impressed and excited! I took the time to check out most of your links!

    First off, this entire MYM is aMazing! WOW…girl this is perseverance to the MAX!

    Second this meme of 12 new things with 70 so far…
    really interesting and diverse! GREAT IDEA! I could learn alot doing this…even an oldie like me. Always something new to learn. I really enJOYed your list though leaving room for choice & growth. I really think you’ll enJOY ASL, I started with the alphabet and then
    the Holy Spirit impressed worship words on me and having deaf friends increased my desire to learn & practice, though spelling out was not difficult, reading words spelled was more difficult, so learning words
    was really necessary for me.

    Though you were so honest and did not do PRAISE MOVES, I checked it out and I’m sold…very interested!
    WOW!!! I drifted away from your post/blog for quite a while checking it out, I’m so looking forward to MORE!
    You are so right, dance & worship are exercise & you are a great witness to fitness.

    This is so great and you are pressing on so well!
    Way to go!!! Great discipline. But what really amazed me was your diligence after finding out that you are struggling with insomnia and depression. This saddens me but being in His Word, exercising & sticking to all this is a way to BE WHOLE in Him.
    And I’m really impressed!!! Inspired & a bit weary.
    This is a great summary of your week & goals!!!
    So glad we’re both “wordy” so you’ll forgive me for this.

    I’m blessed by all this and will add you to my prayers.
    Journey on dear HL. I’m rooting for ya’…
    Love & peace in Christ, Peggy

    • Peggy… now I’m impressed. I was just thinking the other day that I’d shared too too much & come to find that it was meant to be! God is wonderful, amazing and precious! Thankful for Him to surround me with bloggers like you – to help me see His purpose here and within.

      Looking forward to continuing this journey!
      Hugs & Prayers, HL

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