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30 Day Give

Several people are participating in a challenge to give! How you’re probably asking!?! Giving each day of the month of November of yourself in one way or another – it doesn’t have to mean you spend any money – you could simply make sure each day you find someone (different people even) to encourage… giving a little of you… sharing God too!

WHO would think we could pull this off?!? Why God of course! He inspired 10 women to share this journey and challenge us along with ’em!

Do you have a heart for giving? I sure do

Do you want your giving to make a bigger impact this holiday season? I’d like to make an impact somewhere…

Would you like to be part of a larger giving effort to make a BIG difference? I’d love to be part to make a BIG difference!

So, now – you’d say, “Heather come on, stop pulling our chain! Where do I find out about getting on board?” Here’s the button!

30-Day Giving Challenge

So… while I’m excited to participate in this journey; I’m actually taking a fall break from blogging – So I will maintain the Challenge Calendar journal but I won’t be recording on the blog as I don’t want to sound a trumpet on what we do but I will post occasionally with encouragement and tips on giving. But please do hop on over here to join us and stay up-to-date by following the 30 Day Giving Challenge on Facebook and Twitter. You can also join us in the BlogFrog Community to connect with like-minded participants, ask questions, and grow in your faith.

A couple of ways I hope to contribute… and/or just some suggestions:

  1. Sending an encouraging email to someone * who – could be you?!?
  2. Spending time with a neighbor (maybe they don’t have family close by), grandparents, parents, aunts/uncles – cousins too, sisters/brothers – don’t forget the in-laws 😉
    Give of yourself… your time with others is precious & priceless.
  3. Dinner with friends/Cookout & invite others over.
  4. Operation Christmas Child (pack a shoe box & share the joy of Christ with children!)
  5. Sharing other’s blog with each other & inspiring posts

Here is another friend sharing a great list of ideas! I love all these ideas & am thankful I came across this challenge! You don’t have to have a blog, twitter, join facebook or anything to join us – you don’t even have to comment to say you will; because we’re here to give for an audience of One – as He asks us to!

Acts 20:35

Be Blessed, HL


3 Responses

  1. What an encouragement to see other bloggers taking giving seriously! I hope that you are given many opportunities to serve and help others that come into your life throughout the coming weeks…

  2. Blessings Heather… OK FALL was a long time ago!
    I get a FALL BREAK but this has gone into winter and the restart of GMG and their Book Club on reading the book of James! I’ve been looking for you and have not seen you. I’m concerned but trusting that you are in God’s care.

    What a beautiful encouragement this challenge looked like…perhaps it was overwhelming and the results caused you to reconsider about time spent blogging. I just pray that you are alright. You know where to find me (I hope)!!!

    Happy 2011! and come visit and let me know how you are and what you’re up to… or not? Hold on to the hem of Jesus! Let Him hold you!

    Love, peace and JOY,

    • Oh Peggy,
      Thank you so much for checking in on me… Your encouragement & prayers are greatly appreciated. While I enjoyed the fall colors – winter came and though it hasn’t been that much of a bad weather season… I’ve felt the cold within. Dealing with many different illnesses – disorders & such: mainly depression & migraines. It’s taken SO much out of me; though please know I’m holding onto His hem, being taught a lot; & though I’ve wanted to blog – I just really haven’t felt the nudge just yet to share anything particular.
      Thank you again my blogging friend,
      Hugs & Prayers, HL

      I pray I’ll return to share more here one day soon, but until then I share short pieces: http://www.twitter.com/hljourney or http://www.tumblr.com/hljourney

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