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You Are Loved ~ Week 8

The last week of “You Are Loved” study with Good Morning Girls brings everything together… how we live! God loves us and calls us to love others in return, for others to learn about how much God loves them. The only way for others to learn this is through us living a life that will glorify God.

South Orange World War I Memorial

What kind of life will you lead?

“What kind of story are you going to write with your life? You are the one who will determine your reputation… will you chase after the world or will you chase after me (God)?
~ Sally, You Are Loved, Chapter 8

We need to put others before us…

Loving others is not natural, it is supernatural! Becoming a great lover does not happen by accident. We can only leave a legacy of love if we decide to make it our goal and yield our egos and will to the Holy Spirit by practicing love as an act of our worship.
~ Sally, You Are Loved, Chapter 8

Peter writes, out of his own experience, “Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins.”
1 Peter 4:8
He says that love covers not just one sin, but a whole multitude o sin. In other words, when we love our spouse, or our children, or our friends, we should cover a multitude of their sins – over and over and over – even as we hope they will do for us.
~ Sally, You Are Loved, Chapter 8

Without love we are nothing, without love all that we do is for nothing… we need to hold onto what love truly is: patient, kind, not envious, does not boast, is not arrogant, nor rude, not resentful, nor rejoices if someone messes up – it rejoices with others and bears all things, is hope, endures all things. We find love in Christ Jesus who is all of these and more!

How will you share Him?


You Are Loved ~ Week 7

The “You Are Loved” study with Good Morning Girls this week brings us to our Kingdom Work.

John 13:34-35
Photo credit: Brenda McCullers

We’re called to love others. Simple? Sometimes, but others – not so much – BUT God gives us everything we need to do just that LOVE!! Get this:

God’s love was initiated to us before we even knew to ask Him to help us.
Sally, You Are Loved, Chapter 7

As we’ve been learning throughout this study He knows all about us and still loves us. Loved us before we could even love Him! Our past does not have to define us – don’t allow it to hold you back from God’ grace – forgive yourself too. Understand we’re able to loves others because He loves us first (See 1 John 4:19-21). He pursues us, providing love and all that we need… we need to return that to others. Remember its not about us – we can’t just go around loving ourselves, we’re called to love others. Even when its hard, He will equip you to love as he greatly desires, and the more we practice this – humble ourselves – the greater we’re able to continue in this forgiving way – loving others. (See 1 Peter 4:8)

Love is an obedient choice. When you choose to love others, that is the moment you are most like Jesus.

Love heals relationships.

Love is a salve to wounds.

Love is the beginning of friendship.

Love initiates.

Love inspires others.

Love comforts.

Love says, “You are worth knowing and I want to be friends with you.”

~Sally, You Are Loved, Chapter 7

We can’t worry about how others receive our love either. It’s not up to us if/how someone receives or responds to our love – we’re just to continue to love. We need to remember others and that God calls us to put their needs before ours. (See John 15:12-13)

A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another. By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another. (John 13:34, 35 KJV)#bible #christian #jesusislord
(See John 13:34-35)

We’re to lean on the Spirit to direct us how to love others under all circumstances and He will provide exactly what we need. (See 1 John 3:16-24)

What steps can you take today, each day, to show love to others? Is there anyone specific that you need to reach out to? Give the person (people) a call, write an encouraging note, make a meal… do something as we’re never promised tomorrow!

Sharing Him,

You Are Loved ~ Week 6

This week of the “You Are Loved” study with Good Morning Girls we’re told You’re Invited! Can you guess to what… to do what?!? I’m excited to share:

Romans 8 17
Photo credit: Amy Taylor

Are you excited to? We’re invited to share Jesus with others so they can become co-heirs with us! It doesn’t matter who we are or what we do – we’re His, belonging to our great God!

Because of our relationship with Jesus, we already are somebody, a treasured and loved daughter to the King of kings (Romans 8:16-17), and Jesus has already equipped us for the task He is calling us to do (Hebrews 13:21).
~ Angela, You Are Loved, Chapter 6

And no, being God’s children does not make our life easy (Romans 8:16-17), we’ll still go through hard times, but we have the Holy Spirit to help us through. We’re invited to show Jesus’ love for others:

  • Invite someone to church… I love the situation shared in chapter 6 that this simple act is all it took!
  • Pray for/with someone
  • Encourage others, be uplifiting
  • Share what Christ has done for you to bring Him glory (Jeremiah 29:11)

Don’t for a second place a value on your life by what you see. What you are doing in your home with your kids, in your neighborhood and community, matters. Your walk with our Lord is important. How you choose to invest your life matters. Be women who plant simple seeds of faith in your homes, work places, and schools. Then trust God to water whose seeds and create a mighty harvest.
~ Angela, You Are Loved, Chapter 6

Don’t fret over how… our God of peace will prepare us to do every good thing He wants that is pleasing to Him. Al the glory belongs to Him.
We don’t need to try of our own will to complete anything, as God give us all we need. We just need to step out in faith that He will do so! (Hebrews 13:21)

We need to remember who we are: blessed, His bride and that nothing can separate us from Him! (Revelation 19:9)

Spend time in prayer to figure out the plans God has for you and how He wants to work through you to share with others

Sharing Him,

You Are Loved ~ Week 5

Continuing through the “You Are Loved” study with Good Morning Girls we are focusing on Trusting Him!

As we studied through
Psalm 84,
Proverbs 3:5-6
Psalm 9:7-10
Romans 8:28-30
& John 10:27-30
we’re reminded that God made us, knows us, and controls all things!

He asks us to:

Proverbs 3 verses 5 and 6 ☺
Photo Credit: Amy Taylor

We need to remember that God is our sun and shield and He grants favor and honor as He blesses those who trust in Him. God wants us to lean on Him – Him alone – not self, nor other people. I’ve come to think some of my disappointments in others come because I was leaning on them too much. I still find myself doing this and once again find myself alone to learn He is with me and He is the only one I need to and can trust fully. By fully trusting in Him I’m giving Him all the glory He desires of me. No this is not an easy task… being human can cause me to be unconscious of being selfish and not leaning on Him 😦 when I greatly need Him the most. He created us to be glory to Him.

That is the true purpose of our lives – to bring God glory (Matthew 5:16). This life is not about me, and it is not about you either. It is all about God and telling others about Him through the lives we have been blessed to live.
~ Angela, You Are Loved, Chapter 5

We need to consciously take time to look back on (keep a journal maybe) how God has been faithful in the past to help us to trust Him for the present and future! Take time each day to thank Him for being for us, with us, and in control of all things.

Trusting as best I can,

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