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You Are Loved ~ Week 3

During week 3 of the “You Are Loved” study with Good Morning Girls we discussed The Rival – Satan wanting to steal our joy and try to pull us away from knowing just how much God loves us! We have to intentionally read and meditate on God’s Word to overcome Satan. He tries many things to bring us down, he’s sneaky, deceitful and conniving. Make sure to put on the full armor of God daily to stand firm against Satan’s schemes… no this is not always easy, but it’s necessary. And understand that no matter what, if you’re God’s child, God loves you – don’t allow Satan to steal that truth away from you.

The truth is, you will never have to perform for God, because His love for you is endless, infinite, constant and abundant once you put your faith in Him.
~ Sally, You Are Loved, Chapter 3

Did you get that, really get it? Read that part again, God’s love is endless, infinite, constant… !

Replace any negative thoughts with truth from Scripture to overcome the enemy. That’s what satan is, our enemy out to get us to live in the flesh and not of the Spirit.

All you have to do is reject his lies and live into the truth and strong foundations of love that God has communicated to you in scripture! There will always be a spiritual battle going on in your heart, because Satan come to steal your faith and confidence.
~ Sally, You Are Loved, Chapter 3

I’ve gone through several times of depression and hard times that the enemy has had me defeated. I’m so thankful for God’s patience and loving hand to guide me back to Him and pull out of the pit! Yes, I’m unworthy of His love… but God loves me anyway! I constantly need to remind myself of who He says I am: His child, friend, beloved, accepted, secure, significant… the list goes on and on – I carry this list in my Bible and refer to it often!


 This week we journeyed through many Scriptures to help us and blog posts from GMG:

Blog Post: You Are Loved – Week 3: The Rival… with video

1 Peter 5:8
O/A: Be self-controlled and alert (on guard) to all that is around as the devil prowls around like a lion looking to devour someone.
We’re to resist the devil and know that we are not alone as other believers go through the same things.

P: Father God,
Thank You for Your Word, direction and peace that helps me through each day. I pray to be alert, having the self-control, clear mind, and strength to resist the devil and his schemes against me. I lift up other believers to carry themselves as You desire to resist the devil as well.

Blog post: A Personal Message from the You Are Loved Contributors… with video!!

Revelation 12:10-12
SOAP v10
O: Salvation, strength, and the kingdom of our God with the power of Christ have come for satan who accused our brethren to cast him down. They overcame satan by the blood of the Lamb, by their testimony, and they didn’t love their lives to death. Rejoice… woe to earth and sea. Satan does not have much time.

A: Rejoice satan has been cast down. Be on guard, as he still comes around with great wrath because he knows he doesn’t have much time here on earth.

Blog Post: No Condemnation…

Our sin nature is not what we live by any longer as children of God. Jesus died for us, taking on condemnation … therefore we now live by our spiritual nature with the Holy Spirit’s guidance to meet God’s standards.

A: We cannot rely on our own flesh to guide us, we must lean on the Lord to resist the devil.

1 Peter 2:9
We are God’s chosen people to tell about God’s excellent qualities because He called us out of darkness into His marvelous light!

A: YouVersion devo: we belong to God and should find our identity in Him.

And closing up this weeks blog post: The Great Deceiver

Lamentations 3:22, 23
God’s compassion is never limited, not wiping out the human race … He had mercy upon us. His mercy is new every morning and His faithfulness is great.

A: Do not doubt God’s great love for you.

Most importantly, this one things jumped out to me…
Do you understand that loving yourself is a part of your spiritual worship?
~ Sally, You Are Loved, Chapter 3
What can you do today, everyday… to overcome the enemy?

Book/Bible Study – You Are Loved

I’m so excited to share a new study I’ve begun with Good Morning Girls!! A book by Angela Perritt and Sally Clarkson called “You Are Loved: Embracing the Everlasting Love God has for You“!

You Are Loved 2

Please make sure you stop by Good Morning Girls blog (link above) to view the introduction/chapter 1 video and learn more about the study. There are weekly challenges, weekly memory verses, and daily (Monday-Friday) Scripture readings!! While having the book is extremely helpful it is not absolutely necessary to join in on the study.

As a sufferer of depression I highly recommend this book to remind you just how much, more then we can even imagine, that God truly loves us!! Enjoy…

HL Logo2


So… as I’m sure you can see – I’ve failed at keeping up with the NaPoWriMo: Daily postings of Poetry throughout April 😦
Unfortunately I overestimated my ability to finish something again… I have good intentions when I begin, but then life seems to TAKE over = I caught some NASTY stomach bug which had me down for quite some time, before that I’d dealt with migraines and dental work. So… once I overcome today’s persistent ain (migraine, neck pain… ) I’ll be back to share links for the NaPoWriMo daily posts that I liked from others!

Until then… I bid you all well & good, Prayers & Hugs, HL

WFW – Psalm 27:5

Hello everyone,

Today I share AmyDeanne’s Word-Filled Wednesday & thank her for continuing to share her gift in placing Scripture’s with pictures! WFW originated with AmyDeanne and we’re blessed to share in this meme weekly over at the cafe!

For He will hide me in his shelter in the day of trouble.

Psalm 27:5

I share AmyDeanne’s today as it is so fitting in my journey right now – needing His shelter… in depression & shelter from self… in insomnia. (Not that I’m in trouble, Thankfully & Praising God, I want no trouble here.)

Join myself and some other wonderful ladies as we share at:

WFW is not about books, authors, artists.. it’s about God and HIS WORD ONLY. WFW is about celebrating the gift of creativity through God’s Word.

Thanks for sharing with me today!

WFW – John 12:46

John 12.46

Please visit http://www.joyfultoons.com for more by Mike Waters

God has wonderful timing! Currently … lately … today even, I’ve been dealing with a lot of different emotions, confusion, and misunderstandings. But mostly right now – I ask for prayers for a dear friend of mine as she journey’s through these next days, weeks, months … for God’s comfort, wisdom and protection. I’ll leave her name unspoken, but He knows who this is for & what is needed… help her to know that He is still in control of all things! I thank you all in advance for sharing in this prayer with me.

John 12:46 shares that, “I have come into the world as a light, so that no one who believes in me should stay in darkness.”

Not only can this Scripture be for my friend… but I greatly needed this reminder fighting through depression. He will bring me out of the darkness.

Thankful for Amydeanne continuing with others to share WFW with us all!

WFW is not about books, authors, artists.. it’s about God and HIS WORD ONLY. WFW is about celebrating the gift of creativity through God’s Word.

Join myself and some other wonderful ladies as we share at:

Thanks for sharing with me today!

My Journey

This is a “sticky” post… please scroll down to see recent posts!

I pray my journey is a
blessing unto our
Father, Son, & Holy Spirit.

Enjoy: Jesus Draw Me Ever Nearer by: Keith Getty
Performed by: Margaret Becker, Maire Brennan, Joanne Hogg
Album: In Christ Alone – New Hymns of Prayer & Worship

My journey, so far, brings AWARENESS …
to a childhood of faith, surrounded by many characters
faithful & harmful

to teen years of fear, surrounded by more characters
harmful, hateful, willing,
eager, prideful, fear-filled,
thankful, helpful, YES faithful

to adulthood of wisdom, still learning & thankful for being surrounded
by even more characters of

~ Heather Wolcott
April, 2010


I’m proud to say I’m a child of God, wife, busy mom of two boys… who tries to blog – to share this journey as God leads me, while I will still stumble from time to time, and thankful He pulls me – draws me – nearer to Him each day!


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God… Who Are You? Part 3

Hello everyone,

I’m excited to continue this journey… learning who God is more & more each day! I am so thankful for Jenifer’s time & dedication to each of us … as I continue here (or in her comments) I lift her up for continued blessings from our gracious Father. Please join us on this journey – click on the button in the side bar or above. You can also find more from Jenifer over at her blog: By His Grace!

Today’s Discussion Question:
How comforting is it to you to know that God is with you, through the good and the bad, always protecting you and always loving you?

Session 3 – 2/22/2010

How amazing it is that Jenifer would share Immanuel with us now ?!? God uses every piece of everyday to let me know that He is a part of each step, each sight, each way I turn! If you’ve followed me for any length of time, I’m sure you’ll catch on to the fact that I fight depression – a lot, if not daily – especially through these winter months. Lately I’ve been going through a hard time emotionally… but even when I foolishly think that I am alone – He is there, right in the midst of my chaotic thoughts letting me know that I can get through this. Helping me to see that I need to return, apologize, and do my best to make things right. Helping me to understand that He’s not done with me yet! I can’t give up – I have children, family, friends, patients, patients families… so many that depend on me. Reminding me of the blessings He’s surrounded me with!

I am truly comforted to know that He is with me through all… thick & thin. And then… it scares me to remember, afterward, the moments where I’d forgotten. I can sit back and think of so many times in my past where I’d taken the wrong turn… thought the wrong thoughts… behaved the wrong way… … … where I was leaning on my own understanding; and still see now how much He was protecting me! I’m so thankful… yet feeling not thankful enough sometimes. You know – we can be our own worst enemies. We need to shine for Him, share His protection, His joy with others. So I leave you with this song by JJ Heller, “Your Hands” that has gotten me through some trying times!

Father, I am thankful for the direction You’ve given, straightening out things, helping me to see the direction I need to take & for the knowledge You restore in me that You are present in each situation. Even when I’m confused, hurt, & broken – I’m in Your hands. Your Hands… tears are flowing – you see, but I believe and thank You so for coming soon – one day – to set all things right. I thank You too Father for JJ Heller & her Husband for sharing this awesome song with us. I thank You Father for Jenifer in responding to Your call to share this journey & helping us all to know You better. I thank You … Praise You … Sing with all… thank You for holding me in Your Hands. In Jesus’ name, amen

Thanks for joining me today,

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